Wildstorm Watch: Two More Titles Join The Daemonite Party

With the Wildstorm integration into DC many were curious how certain things would be addressed. Not the least of which would be things like the Daemonite and Kherubim war that was the background for Jim Lee’s WildC.A.T.S. I mean, Lee is one of the co-publishers at DC, Wildstorm was his company, these characters will be done justice.

Grifter is an ongoing about, well, Grifter as he hunts and kills Deamonites that hide in human form. Ones that only he can see and hear.

Voodoo is an ongoing about a half human, half Daemonite hybrid on Earth.

Both characters were members of the WildC.A.T.S., and both are currently being hunted by the government. The Black Razors, in particular (who have also taken an interest in the Legion Lost cast).

Now, we know thanks to DC’s March solicits that Helspont, a Daemonite leader, and really one of the big bads of old school Wildstorm won’t just be appearing in the New 52, but he’ll be debuting to fight the Man of Steel himself. How do you make the Daemonites look like a big threat? Have their leader take on Superman! And given that Grifter will be fighting Midnighter in March, and the fact that they are formerly a Wildstorm team who currently deals with alien threats, one can’t help but think Stormwatch won’t be too far behind.

So what are these two new titles being roped into the body snatching alien conspiracy? Well, let’s turn to Grifter #4, where Grifter heads to Q-Core after getting a lead. Fighting with Green Arrow he flat out tells him that it’s Daemonites that led him there and what they are. And while Ollie tries to capture him for the police, and Cole manages to escape, we get one panel that ties Green Arrow in along with another book I wouldn’t have even thought of.

I mean, I should have seen this coming. Demon Knights? The title always sounded a little weird to me. So now it has clear ties to the present both with Stormwatch and the Daemonites, which makes me imagine that DC has big plans for that book to set up a future Daemonite event down the road.

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