Would You Pay $50 For A New Justice League Unlimited 3-Pack?!?


Yes, an outrageous question, but one Mattel wants us to answer.

At this time there are just not enough JLU fans/customers to keep the line going. We tried lots of different combinations from single figures to 7 packs and not one of the JLU items sold well enough to continue JLU. (the 7 pack sold just as well as Parademons and Doom Patrol, none of which was even half of the min we needed to sell) From these sales, it is clear the customer base just is not large enough (despite being very passionate!) to continue the line. One thing we are looking into is considering running the final six tool’d 3 packs at the very small quota we are actually selling through on each previous JLU item (before sales or clearance pricing). If we did this, it would mean selling these packs (without changes to character line up) for around $50.00 each. If this is something fans would be interested in, please let us know. (the lower the production run, the higher the cost, this is why). We are just not sure if fans would be willing to pay this premium price for what is in some packs, only one new figure. Let us know!

The final 6 3-packs in question are:
Future Static, Micron, & Aquagirl
Toyman, Aquaman (Orange Shirt), Superman
Vandal Savage, Batman, “Savage Time” Superman
Mongol, Wonder Woman, & Batman
Guy Gardner, Batman, & Martian Manhunter
Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, & Fire (translucent)

You can see most of them in the images below from Toy Fair in February.

Credit: AFI

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