X-Sanction Spoilers: How Is Cable Alive? What Does He Want?

In what could have been an overly complex explanation for how Cable died and came back, Loeb went with the tried and true method of bringing Cable back from the dead. The same one last seen with his return during Messiah Complex years ago.

His death was actually a timeslide to the future. His arm was left behind, but the rest of him popped up in the future…well, what’s left of it. Blaquesmith was there to tell him the tail of what happened, and look rather sketchy in the process. The world ended, and while he couldn’t say why, he was able to tell Cable that it was because Hope wasn’t there to protect it…and that the Avengers are why.

The technovirus is raving Cable, and he has twenty-four hours to live. Twenty-four hours to go back in time and save his daughter. Even if it means killing the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

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