Pulse Wrestling TNA IMPACT Wrestling Report for 12.15.11 – Bobby Roode vs. AJ Styles;Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy

Welcome to the Pulse Wrestling TNA IMPACT Wrestling Report for 12.15.11. I am Alexander Miezin and I will be your host for the evening. Sit back and enjoy hopefully another solid episode of Impact Wrestling.

Taped from the IMPACT Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida. Mike Tenay and Taz are your broadcasters.

We are fresh off of Sunday’s Final Resolution pay-per-view event spectacular. Bobby Roode successfully defended the TNA World Heavyweight Championship against AJ Styles, but did not defeat him as the match finished with a draw at 3-3, so the champion retains. Hopefully tonight we get a follow-up on this. Jeff Hardy also defeated Jeff Jarrett in a steel cage match, so a Jarrett will be fired from IMPACT Wrestling. I’m wishing it’s not Karen. With that win, Hardy also earned himself a shot at the World Title and will presumably take on Bobby Roode at January’s Genesis event. Where does AJ fit into this?

Show opens with highlights from Jeff Hardy victory and Roode’s defense. Styles is called a “stupid redneck” by Roode.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship Five Minute Overtime Match: Bobby Roode (c) vs. AJ Styles

Wow. No complaints here. Fans who bought the PPV might be mad, but who cares. TNA is actually following up on an unfinished storyline. AJ out first to a good pop. Roode gets boo’ed as usual. Beautiful way for the show to begin. Taz questions Styles’ left knee that was damaged by Roode. Sting has ordered this match. Please no commercial breaks. Bell sounds and the 5:00 clock shows on the screen. Roode immediately leaves the ring, but AJ stalks and punches him in the face. Styles tosses him back in the ring. Springboard crossbody block for two. AJ pounds away at Bobby. Tosses him back and forth to turnbuckles and nails a back bodydrop for another two count. AJ slaps on a side headlock. Crowd chants for AJ. Roode tries countering it with head scissors, but fails then succeeds eventually. Sunset flip for another two count. Roode begs AJ to let up. Roode single legs Styles, but is kicked off. Punch by AJ. Chop. Another. Another. Stomps by Styles. Roode kicks Styles right in the injured left knee. Roode slides to the floor then tries to ram AJ’s leg into the post, but AJ kicks him off. AJ slingshots to the apron, but Roode chopblocks AJ’s knee. Roode slams AJ’s knee to the mat. Styles is screaming in pain. Kicks to the knee by the champion. Stomps on it. Styles kicks Roode in the arm. Hurricanrana from the mat by Styles. Elbow then AJ springboard reverse DDT’s Roode! 1…2..Roode gets to the rope causing the break. Styles is slapped right in the face by Roode. Roode slides to the floor with under thirty seconds left. Roode is running away from Styles again. AJ Pele’s him from the floor! Springboard somersalt splash connects, but the time limit has expired.

Crowd chants for five more minutes. Sting’s music hits and he heads to the ring wearing a ridiculous jacket. Sting says “first fall for the win!”. Bell sounds again. Here we go. Roode grabs Styles and puts on a single leg crab on the injured knee. Crazy torque angle on it. He is sitting all the way back. AJ’s taps out. Roode retains. **3/4. Good action tonight. Satisfying finish to their PPV encounter which I really enjoyed. Styles grabs his knee after the match. Commercial break follows as Roode stares into his title belt.

Knockouts commercial….mmm………..

Backstage Robert Roode tries justifying his victory. Styles says he had Roode’s number and that’s why Bobby ran. AJ was “that close”. Roode says AJ couldn’t get the job done. Roode spits in the face of authority. Roode is ready for Jeff Hardy.

Wildcard Tag Team Quarterfinal Tournament Match: Hernandez w/Rosita & Sarita  and Robbie T. vs. Scott Steiner and Abyss

There is an eight random tag team tournament for a tag title shot at Crimson and Matt Morgan at Genesis for the winners. Steiner tries to convince Abyss that they are a team. Reminds me of the old Lethal Lottery days. TNA did this once before on PPV as well. All four men are powerhouses in this match. Hernandez and Steiner begin. Steiner flexes. Boot to Hernandez’s stomach. Steiner chops then punches Hernandez. Chop again by Steiner. Irish whip followed by a clothesline by Big Poppa Pump. Hernandez kicks Steiner in the gut then swings his way to the top rope. Steiner climbs and follows. He then overhead suplexes Hernandez off the top! Belly to belly to Robbie T. Two count for Steiner followed by some push-ups. Steiner wants to tag Abyss. Abyss won’t tag in. Terry clotheslines Steiner from behind. Hernandez starts to choke out Steiner with his shirt. Shoulders in the corner to Steiner’s midsection. Terry tagged in and whipped into Steiner for a splash. Slam by Terry. Terry suplexes Hernandez and drops him on Steiner. Robbie T. covers again for a near fall. Hernandez tagged in. Double shoulder blocks. Abyss comes in. Double clotheslines. Clotheslines some more. Splash in the corners. Chokeslam to Hernandez. Robbie T. slugs Abyss from behind, but is then Black Hole Slammed. Abyss points at Scotty. He tags in Steiner by slapping him on the chest. Steiner covers Terry and wins. *1/2. Decent. Abyss raises Steiner’s hand at the end of the match. Steiner looks shocked. Abyss and Scott Steiner advance.

In the back Kurt Angle says he’s had enough of Sting. He’s going to do something about it. Looks like he’s headed to the ring. Commercial time.

Christmas is the perfect time for Extenze. I laughed. The gift that keeps on giving. I thought that was herpes?

Kurt Angle is coming down the ramp to the squared circle. He lost to James Storm at Final Resolution. Angle looks ticked off. He grabs a stick and calls Sting to the ring. He’s telling him to get his bleep to the ring. Sting isn’t too popular with the wrestlers is he? Sting’s music plays and out comes The Icon. Sunglasses indoors. Angle tells Sting that Sting will shut up and listen. Angle complains about his title loss in October to Storm. Calls Storm a cheater with a loaded boot. Angle says that James Storm had a loaded boot at Final Resolution, too. Angle calls himself the master of submissions. All Angle wants is a rematch with James Storm. Sting says Angle needs to cowboy up. Storm needs to move onward and upward to Bobby Roode. Angle wonders if Sting has it out for himself and Roode. Angle calls Sting’s jacket cowboy-esque. Angle says to Sting that he will go to James’ hometown and beat the crap out of everyone there until he gets a rematch. Angle leaves. Just what I wanted for Christmas, more commercials.

Another new Knockouts Christmas commercial. One billion stars!

Best of Three Series Match One: Zema Ion vs. Anthony Nese

Winner of this series meets Austin Aries in a fourway match at Genesis with Kid Kash and Jesse Sorenson. Ion taken down early. This is gonna be rough to review. Nearfalls galore. Nese catches Ion with a back kick. Ion elbows the back of Nese’s head. Nese goes to the floor. Springboard moonsault for a two count. Running elbow then a running knee by Nese. Ion goes to the floor. Nese runs off the ropes and hits a senton over the top rope onto Zema Ion on the floor. Ion is tossed back in. Neese nails a springboard clothesline for two. Nese charges in, but gets all knee. Kick to Ion’s face. Rolling uppercut. Top rope hurricanrana misses. Ion hits a missile dropkick from the top. Crowd chants for Zema. Atomic drop. Boots to the face. Ion lifts up Nese’s head after two? Backdrop’s Nese’s face into his knee. Two count after Ion lifts Nese’s head up again. Ion goes to the top rope. 450 splash. That’ll do it. Zema Ion wins. **1/4. Fast action. Really fast action. Ion is up 1-0 in the series.

We are in the back where the Jarrett’s have arrived. Jarrett complains to Karen. Karen says that she is bowing out. Jeff wants to leave after twenty-five years. Karen and Jeff want to go talk to Sting. They argue a bit.

Zema Ion is fired up about his victory. Zema says he has the prettiest moves and gear. Calls himself the prettiest wrestler. Okay. It’s all about “me , myself, and Ion.” Break time.

Ric Flair and Gunner say that Garett is behind him. Jesse Neal will be taken out by Gunner. An example will be made out of him. Flair Woo’s!

Jesse Neal vs. Gunner w/Ric Flair

Flair has the shades on as he struts behind Gunner. Recap of last week’s piledriver to the concrete from Gunner to Garett Bischoff. Bell rings. Gunner pounds on Neal’s head. Gunner is just beating the poopstains out of Jesse Neal. Flair gives Gunner the thumbs up. Face first into the turnbuckle pad goes Neal. Gunner steps on the hand of Neal. He then throws him over the top to the floor. Gunner follows him. Uh oh. Gunner shoves the referee and gets disqualified. Flair low blows Neal on the floor. Flair pulls the pads up from the ground. Gunner DDT’s Neal onto the concrete exposed floor. Gunner and Flair celebrate. ONE GIANT STINKER. 100% angle. Neal is done with the company I believe. He gets the stretcher treatment.

Jeff Hardy is on his way out next! Break.

Karen does not want to be fired. She says there are a hundred guys that can take Jeff Jarrett’s spot. God broke the mold when he made Karen. Karen needs someone to watch the kids at home. Isn’t this what Sting wanted? Funny segment. Karen begs to not get Campbell’s souped. She hugs Sting. Sting utters “poor Jeff.”

Jeff Hardy is coming to the ring. Crowd of teens going bonkers for their hero. Still images of the cage match from Sunday are shown. I like the still images. Old school feel. Hardy thanks the crowd. His neck is hurt. His body is still sore from the cage match. He is the #1 Contender! January 8th, creatures will become champions. He will do everything in his power. 2012 will be the most memorable. Bully Ray’s music hits. He storms his way to the ring. Bull Ray says Hardy has to fight him tonight. Bully says Jeff sits at home on Twitter. He tells Jeff to get a life. Bully Ray knows him better than anyone else. He has been kicking Hardy’s head in for fifteen years. Bully isn’t mad at Hardy. He thanks him for screwing up at Victory Road last year. Ray took over Jeff’s spot after Hardy was suspended. True stuff. Ray is a freight train and Hardy is standing on his tracks. He shoulders him then leaves. Intense.

Samoa Joe and Magnus are in the back. Apparently they are a tag team in the tournament. Joe calls this an opportunity for him. He wants Magnus to stay out of his way. Magnus tells him to back up. This is Magnus’ opportunity. Commercial time is upon us.

Wildcard Tag Team Quarterfinal Tournament Match: Samoa Joe and Magnus vs. Robbie E. and Douglas Williams

Glad to see Magnus and Williams back on my television set. Robbie E. wants to become a double champion as he is the current Television champion. Douglas Williams opens the club rope for himself then closes it. Robbie is mad. Greatness. Magnus walks out to the ring ahead of Joe. Magnus and Williams start the bout. Former partners. Williams and Magnus exchange hammerlocks and other submissions. The two are at a stand still. Williams targets the wrist. He tags in Robbie. Robbie boots Magnus, but is then clotheslined by Magnus. Williams distracts and Robbie E. attacks from behind. Tag to Douglas. Douglas sends Magnus in the corner, follows with a knee, and a snap suplex. Robbie is tagged. Fist pump then drops a fist from the second. Two count. Couple more moves and another near fall for Robbie E. Magnus back drops Robbie. Clothesline to Williams. Joe is tagged into the ring. Forearms. Boots to Williams. Back plash for a two count. Joe slams Williams. Elbow from Robbie E. Robbie misses a splash, but gets nailed with a boot. This match is all over the place. Muscle Buster by Joe to Williams. Joe and Magnus pick up the win. 1/2*. Another quick match. Joe and Magnus will advance.

Jeff Jarrett is backstage begging Sting to stay in the company. He wants Sting to let Karen down easy. More great comedy. Jeff says a woman doesn’t have a place in the wrestling business. Jarrett says that Karen wants to be home with the kids. Break the news to Karen as gentle and nice as he can. It’s been tough on Karen. She’s under complete understanding that she is being let go. Jeff  Jarrett complements Sting on his jacket. Break.

Wahoo for more Knockouts commercials!

Eric Young was told by Sting that he is in the tag tournament. He has to meet his partner under a light. He explains how his mom dresses him in the morning. This is the most random thing I’ve ever heard. ODB spanks Young. ODB is Eric Young’s partner. Uh? Kind of like Kong was in the other tag tournament. Young and ODB practice backstage. Young says that was amazing.

Devon heads down the ramp to the ring. Clapping his hands. The Pope and himself failed to win the tag titles at Final Resolution against Morgan and Crimson. They recap it here. Devon told Pope that they would talk about their situation. He wants Dinero to come to the ring. Here he comes. Pope isn’t alone. He is with Devon’s sons. Devon looks disappointed and very mad. Devon doesn’t know what’s going on here. Devon says those are his boys. He’s raised them since day one. He will take a bullet for their safety. Devon is the one that’s training them. They are his boys and he will train them the way Devon wants to bring them up. No disrespect to Dinero. It’s all over. Let’s go back home. The kids go with Devon, but Pope tells him not so fast. Pope wants to explain the difference between him and Devon. The kids want a cool dad. Someone that is able to be with the times. Difference is Pope wants the kids to be taken care of at parties. They are tired of living the boring lifestyle. Devon will never be as fly and pimpin’ as the Pope. Devon tries to leave again. He mentions Devon’s wife leaving him. Devon gets back in the ring. Devon punches Pope in the face after a wife comment. The kids pull Devon off. Devon grabs the kids. Pope kicks Devon right in the BBC. Devon’s kids smile with the Pope. Dinero punches away at a downed Devon. The kids pick up Devon. Pope takes powder and slaps Devon in the face. Random. Pope celebrates with Devon’s kids.

David Otunga WWE TLC commercial followed by a Knockouts commercial. Otunga? Wait why?

Karen and Jeff Jarrett are in the back. Karen says it went great. They tell each other the opposite of what they told the Stinger.  A random guy informs them that Sting wants to see both of them together.

1/2 of the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions Madison Rayne vs. Traci Brooks

There’s been a lot of Traci on TV as of late. Last week’s match with Gail Kim is recapped. Kim retained the TNA Knockouts title against Mickie James at Final Resolution for those who wondered. Traci attacks Madison on the top of the ramp during Rayne’s entrance. She spears her and throws her into the ring apron. Slides Madison in the ring. Bell rings. Hair face buster. Forearm by Brooks. Traci chokes Madison with her boot. Now with her hands screaming at her. Crowd loves them some Traci. Madison trips Brooks up. Forearm to the back of Traci. Choking her on the middle rope now. Knee to the back of the head choking Traci’s throat on the bottom rope. Rayne neckbreaker’s Traci on the second rope. Traci is on the floor outside of the ring now. Madison waves to the crowd. Rayne attempts a pin, but gets two. Rayne chokes Traci with her boot now. Lot of choking in this match. Brooks jawbreakers Rayne. Knees to the head draped over the middle rope. Clothesline by Brooks. Knee by Rayne to the midsection. Two count for Madison. She is irate. Rayne stalks her and kicks her in the head. Cover. 1..2..3. 1/4*. Rayne celebrates her win with her title belt. Kind of like Roode earlier. She waves to the crowd.

Up next is Jeff Hardy vs. Bull Ray. Hopefully this is the final commercial break.

Sting has Jeff and Karen Jarrett in his office. 2012 will be the year of Karen Jarrett. They tell Sting the opposite of what they told him earlier. Jeff and Karen kiss on the lips. Sting is confused. He informs them that they told him the opposite of what they are telling him now. They are both mad at each other. Karen calls Sting a liar. Sting shows them the footage of their individual conversations with him. They look like they got busted watching porn. Another awesome segment. Jeff and Karen are yelling at each other some more. Sting tells them he wants quiet. Sting fires both of them! Both are fired! The two argue even further.

Mike Tenay and Taz are in shock in the arena. TNA World Heavyweight Champion Robert Roode’s music plays and he joins them for commentary.

Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray

Four minutes left in the broadcast and the two haven’t even entered the ring yet. Taz congratulates Roode on his retaining of the title earlier in the evening. Bully Ray is out first. Taz tells Roode, “Happy Boxing Day”. Jeremy Borash is in the ring for the formal ring introductions. It’s 10:58 PM. Borash tries talking as fast as he can. 10:59 PM now. Jeff gets a pretty nice reaction. Bully jumps him before the bell. Bell sounds. Punches to the abdominal of Jeff Hardy. Headbutt to the stomach. Ray punches him again, but this time in the back. Forearms to the kidneys. Ray is setting him up. Punches to the head. Ray puts him in the tree of woe position. Forearms to the stomach. Roode comments about his title defense with Hardy coming up at Genesis. Bully ray suplexes Jeff Hardy in the ring. Nice powerful one. Delayed as well. Ray is dominating. Bearhug by Bully Ray. Crowd is willing Jeff Hardy on. Really tight squeezing by Bully Ray. Hardy elbows his way out. He runs off the ropes, but is back bodydropped. Two count. Another. A third. Bodyslam by Bully. Misses with the Vader Bomb. Hardy is back to his feet. They exchange blows. Hardy clotheslines Bully Ray. Near fall. Kick to the midsection. Head scissors spinning style. Twist of Fate! Hardy gets a two count. That was close. Hardy is caught with a sideslam. Bully Ray misses with a splash. A second Twist of Fate finishes it. **. Good match for the time they received.

After the match, Hardy is pointing at Robert Roode. Bully Ray tries attacking Jeff from behind, but gets punches. Roode runs down the ramp and attacks Jeff Hardy from behind. Blindside attack. Stomps on Jeff’s head. Ray goes for a table on the floor. He slides it into the ring. Roode and Bully setup the table. Roode picks up Hardy off the canvas. Bully Ray then powerbombs him through the table! Sting charges into the ring. He stares down the champion. He then punches Ray as Roode hits Sting from behind with the title belt. Ray picks up the belt, but it is snatched by Bobby. Roode shoves it into Jeff’s face who is unconscious on the mat.

A lot of in-ring action tonight which is a plus. Great backstage segments. I really enjoyed tonight’s show a lot.



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