DC Comics Relaunch: Fifth X-Over With Batman’s Detective Comics & Harley Quinn’s Suicide Squad?

Well, as we move into 2012 looks like DC Comics is allowing for sensible, organic cross-over or events to occur. With that, we also have some in-book stories that are rooted in unrelated book’s plots. Case in point is the DC Comics Relaunch’s fifth cross-over is in the pages of Suicide Squad… and Detective Comics?

For those keeping score, the first four cross-overs are:

The above does not include the teased, but yet-to-be-announced, far-reaching Wildstorm-themed New 52 cross-over / event.

Detective Comics #1 cliff-hanger (September 2011)The Joker is the most iconic villain the DC universe has, alongside Superman’s Lex Luthor. And, it totally makes sense that the Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn would be concerned about “her” Mister J in light of the Detective Comics #1 cliffhanger involving his, um, face. So, will we get a Bat-books rub for the Suicide Squad?

So, with that DC Comics announced writer Adam Glass big Harley Quinn-centric 2012 arc:

In this two-part story “The Hunt for Harley Quinn” written by Adam Glass with art by Clayton Henry, Harley’s former teammates on the Suicide Squad track her through Gotham City as she tries to discover the truth behind the Joker’s disappearance.

Along the way we’ll learn Harley’s origin as Dr. Harleen Quinzel, a groundbreaking psychiatrist who works her way into the Joker’s mind as he works his way into hers, revealing her own madness within.

I know that some of the same old school Harley Quinn “fans” may be dreading Glass’ retooling of Dr. Quinzel’s origin, but I’m pretty excited to see some clarity and consistency brought to her beginnings. It’ll be interesting what Glass keeps from ye olde tales, and what he adds / amends.

Harley vs. the Suicide Squad also seems promising.

The cover to the upcoming Suicide Squad issue has Joker’s “facial skin” adorning Deadshot’s face. So, will we see the Dollmaker and/or the Joker in this Suicide Squad arc? Or will the last issue of this two-part Suicide Squad story feed into Tony Daniel’s Detective Comics plans directly? And, the big question, will Batman show up in the Suicide Squad like he did the 1980s? Deadshot and Harley Quinn are Batman rogues after all.

Here’s what else DC announced:

When we asked editor Pat McCallum about this storyline here’s what he had to say, “We don’t promise a happy ending. But the book’s called SUICIDE SQUAD, so I guess that should be obvious. ‘The Hunt for Harley Quinn’ is the mission we’ve been building to since SQUAD #1. While we’ll learn Harley’s origin, observe her first meeting with the Joker, see a new Squad lineup AND learn why King Shark has been acting so weird, it’s the last few pages of issue #7 that are a punch to the gut. For the Squad members that survive (and not all will), ‘The Hunt for Harley Quinn’ will leave them scarred both inside and out. Deadshot fans be warned.”

So, looks like more maiming and death to come. Hmmm. What happens to Deadshot? Will Floyd be killed? Can someone else assume the Deadshot mantle and carry forward? Would you care? Or, will DC perhaps blind one of Deadshot’s eyes or cripple an arm, two injuries that would make it difficult to be a “deashot” all the time?

I’m scared, but intrigued. The seeds of the story started being planted in December’s Suicide Squad #4 (that came out this week). Check out the panel to left…. Harley is determined now. Watch out!

So, old school Harley fans, this old school Deadshot fans knows how you may feel.

However, in Adam Glass I trust. 🙂

I’m also hoping for a Bat-books bounce for the Suicide Squad title. At a minimum, anyone following Tony Daniel’s Detective Comics should pop by and check this upcoming SS arc out. On its surface, from what we know, it seems to be a nice companion to TEC; whether directly or indirectly remains to be seen.

2012 is looking promising…

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