Rasslin’ Roundtable — WWE TLC: Tables, Ladders and Chairs

World Heavyweight Championship Chairs Match
Mark Henry vs Big Show

Mike Gojira: What can I say about this match that hasn’t already been said?  This is going to blow chunks. Their first meeting was surprisingly decent. Their second involved one big spot.  Their third?  Lots of chair shots to the back, arms, and legs?  I mean, I can’t think of any way these two can improvise this match into being something watchable. Unless they decide NOT to use chairs.  That would be interesting.
: Not Me (for the sake of these picks, Mark Henry)

Steven Gepp: Foregone conclusion match. I am bored by this feud. A collapsing ring does not a great series of matches make.
Positive thing – This should mark the end of the feud.

: Mark Henry

PK: I seriously can not believe that I am looking forward to a 3rd straight Henry/Show match. That said, this has played it’s course, and it is time for Henry to leave Show behind.
: Henry

M.C. Brown: It seems like Henry losing will take place at a bigger event than TLC, so I wouldn’t put money on this push ending this soon.
Winner: Mark Henry

WWE Championship TLC Triple Threat Match
CM Punk vs Alberto del Rio vs The Miz

Mike Gojira: This should be a fun little match.  I sincerely hope the rumors aren’t true about the possibility of adding John Cena to this match (see my U.S. Championship pick commentary for more info) just to get his ass on PPV.  In any case, I’m going with the assumption that it remains a Triple Threat.  Expect a lot of near-fall moments with the heels, capitalized by a thrilling win by Mr. Pipe Bomb.
: CM Punk

Steven Gepp: Not sure about this one. It’s got Del Rio and Miz, two of the best workers in the WWE in it, but it’s also got Miz, who I am still not impressed with in the ring. It’s also 3 ex-champions going at it, and with the long complex storylines even the TLC stip sort of makes sense here. At least the TLC stipulation with a three-way could make interesting and possibly even unique. I am hoping for something good, and hope this leads to a long g term story leading up to Wrestlemania.
Positive thing – Match should be a very good one, no matter what.

: CM Punk

PK: Punk is in this title reign for the long haul…until the Best in the World faces off against the Best in the World at what he does….
: Punk

M.C. Brown: The belt like the World title needs a long titleholder and Punk should be the man to ride this into Wrestlemania.
Winner: CM Punk

United States Championship
Dolph Ziggler vs Zack Ryder

Mike Gojira: I expected an old-fashioned heel vs underdog match, but if the WWE intends to throw John Cena in as the special guest referee with the condition that if Ziggler wins, Cena gets in the WWE title picture, I’ll be pissed.  We don’t need any more interference from Cena in Ryder’s angles as some excuse to further Cena’s tweener push.  If the company goes through with this guest ref bullshit, expect Cena to give up another title shot to “do the right thing,” lessening Ryder’s credibility in the process.  Hopefully this idea is dropped altogether and the ‘E lets Ziggler and Ryder do their thing without any gimmick.
Winner and New United States Champion
: Zack Ryder

Steven Gepp: Could be a good match, provided they are given enough time to work it. The two most improved workers on the roster going at it. This could be fun.
Positive thing – This match should be match of the night.

: Zack Ryder

PK: It has to be time, right? As a former Broski of the Week (episode 26 for those who are asking), I think they are building Ryder up perfectly. Slow build, with the top guy having his back, this is the best thing on WWE TV right now.
: Ryder

M.C. Brown: I think finally this is the day Lord has made for Ryder. Throw the guy a bone, whydoncha, wwbroskis?
Winner: Zack Ryder

Intercontinental Championship
Cody Rhodes vs Booker T

Mike Gojira: I don’t mind having Booker give Cody the rub to up his game, but I have a problem with putting the title on the line.  Booker is most certainly past his prime and has no need for a secondary title, and the way this feud has been built Booker is guaranteed to get some payback.  What I’d like to see is either Cody win via shenanigans or Booker win via DQ so they can have a rematch that somehow doesn’t involve the belt.
: Booker T via DQ

Steven Gepp: The making of a new star or an old guy milking one last run for all it’s worth? I am going to hope for the former. Considering how it appeared Booker T was treated in WCW, I would hope he would do the right thing here and give a rub to Cody. I am going to trust Booker, one of my favourites.
Positive thing – Booker T can still bring it.

: Cody Rhodes

PK: Oddly, I am really looking forward to this…I’d like to see if Booker can still go, and I’d like to see Cody do anything. Title stays on Cody, but I can see Booker getting another shot.
: Rhodes

M.C. Brown: Booker T oozing ring rust should not defeat Cody at this juncture. Booker can get a measure of revenge with a Rumble elimination.
Winner: Cody Rhodes

Sledgehammer Ladder Match
Triple H vs Kevin Nash

Mike Gojira: Gotta love these Vince Russo gimmick matches.  So the first guy to get the sledgehammer can use it?  What if he misses?  Does the other guy get a free shot?  This was a stupid way to incorporate a Ladder Match into the PPV. With the egos involved, I expect a sloppy finish to make both men “look good,” even though neither man is truly relevant at this point in time.  Six years ago, this would be a bloody encounter.  Now?  This is Kevin Gassed vs Triple Bypass.
: Triple H

Steven Gepp: I do not care. Not one little bit. Nope. Uh-uh.
Positive thing – They’re killing one another and not some young guy.


PK: I want to see a show of hands who cares. Pretty much what I thought. The problem here is, there is nothing they are fighting for. Why would I care about HHH? He clearly doesn’t want anything to do with the WWE Title. Why do I care about Nash?

M.C. Brown: If H3 is truly going to get the third match with Undertaker, then he needs to roll through Nash on his road to Wrestlemania. He dares to look weak after a loss here after being “taken out” by Nash. Not going to happen.
Winner: Triple H

Table Match
Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett

Mike Gojira: I think the way to go here is to have Barrett defeat Orton clean. This will go a long way to further establish Barrett as a top tier guy and will continue to test the audience’s patience with Orton as the major player on Smackdown. For the past few months, Orton has lost his big PPV matches and audience interest has yet to wane.  If he can go just one more month like this, he’ll be set for life.  Besides, their rematch at Royal Rumble will be that much more important if Barrett is seen as a credible threat.
: Wade Barrett

Steven Gepp: Wade Barrett’s being pushed back up the rankings, and that’s a good thing. The joy of a table match is that some one can lose on a fluke and so not lose heat (see Sheamus defeating John Cena). Orton’s backstage reputation makes me wary of this match being anything special, but we can live and hope, can’t we?
Positive thing – Barrett is getting another chance

: Wade Barrett

PK: Whoever came up with the name ‘Barratt Barrage’ needs to be hurt badly. Barrett needs this win, and he can accomplish that without Orton look too bad. I’d love to see Orton return to his heel character, hopefully this starts a loosing streak that will let him realize he doesn’t need the fans.
: Barrett

M.C. Brown: It’s not a pinfall and an easy way to help build up Barrett while still somewhat protecting Orton.
Winner: Wade Barrett

Closing Arguments

Mike Gojira: No Divas match?  No Sheamus?  With the exception of Show/Henry and Triple H/Nash, this could be a decent PPV. Unfortunately, decent does not equate a buy from yours truly.  I’ll watch it if I can find some other means. Hell, if the company is going into this expecting the lowest buyrate of the year, why should I give a rat’s ass?

Steven Gepp: I want to be positive, but I’ve been burnt out this year by wrestling PPVs. Some of the matches just do not hold my interest at all, and some of the booking decisions of late have left me baffled. So I will watch this and then I will think about it and then make a decision about what I’m going to do next year. I have to say that WWE at least have given me consistent PPVs and that I can feel that some of the storylines make sense and I can be invested in what I am watching. But it seems like nothing actually, you know, changes. Sure Punk and Henry are on top now, but I’ll bet Orton and Cena end up on top again sooner rather than later. Something needs to shake up wrestling because the whole thing has become complacent and safe and, unfortunately, a little boring. But what? TNA is not going to threaten while they do whatever it is the hell they’re doing. No indy fed looks like it can match the exposure. So I guess we’re stuck with what we got. And while the WWE makes squillions of dollars from its insanely extensive video library, they are certainly not going to rock the boat. I’m sorry. I’m bored. And I’ll watch this… and nothing will change. Nope. Nothing. Nada. Nix. Not a thing…

PK: I do not expect much out of this PPV, however that is no necessarily a bad thing. We can get some solid outings from Henry/Show, Barrett/Orton & Booker/Cody. Ryder has ‘Feel Good Story’ written all over it & we know the WWE Title match will be decent…but I hate to say that HHH/Nash brings this whole PPV down for me.

M.C. Brown: The card looks better upon further review here than I thought. With one of my favorite PPV’s looming in Royal Rumble, I don’t expect too many surprises here, although I am shocked a Kane vs. John Cena match wasn’t thrown in here…wait…there still is time. Maybe John will call Kane out for a midshow brawl.

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