The Dream Game of the Year: New England Patriots vs. Denver Broncos

About three weeks ago when I realized the Patriots will face the Broncos, I circled that game in my mind. Now it’s finally here.  The Broncos have been the most talked about team in the NFL as a late. Their media attention has been so overwhelming that is has overshadowed the Greenbay Packer’s undefeated run. If the Broncos didn’t have Tim Tebow, they’d have just about as much media attention as the Cleveland Browns have. But there is something about Tim Tebow that just attracts the naked eye.  Whether it’s his religious beliefs or his unexplainable comebacks, Tim Tebow has been the biggest story of this season thus far. Many experts have tried to breakdown why Tim Tebow is successful and why this team rallies and plays a full 60 minutes. Very few  have been successful in making their point stand true.

Aside from the Broncos game against the Lions, where they were blown out of the water, they have had luck on their side. They faced Dolphins before they hit their little stride. They faced the Raiders when Palmer was learning the new system. They faced the Chiefs without Cassel. They faced the Jets when they were coming off an emotional lost against the Patriots and had only one day of practice. They faced the sub-par Vikings without their best player. And they faced the Bears without their best player as well.

Now they’re facing a team that’s on a 5 game winning streak, a team that has been dominate for 10 years, and a team that despite their flaws have the best QB possibly ever. But also a team who knows a lot about the Broncos since in 2001 they were in a similar position.

At least in my opinion, this is the more intriguing match up this year. Sure you have your rivalry games that are always great like Steelers vs. Ravens, Jets vs. Patriots, Saints vs. Falcons, etc. etc., but this is a once in a life time match up, one that will never be seen again in this type of scenario.

Now the last question is who will win……

Tebow’s magic has been special this year because you cannot describe how this team is pulling out these wins. It seems like everything that has to happen just seemingly happens. You couldn’t write the Broncos’ season any better. Both teams need this game. I believe, however, the Patriots need it more because home-field advantage is going to be very valuable to this team in the playoffs and if they lose a game from now until the end of the season you can almost write them off from the number one seed. Meanwhile, the Broncos can still easily win their division even if they lose this game. Their last two opponents are Bills and Chiefs, while the Raiders have to face KC, Lions and Chargers, making it a strong probability that the Raiders at least lose one of those games.

The “a team needs a win more” is an ever so slightly edge, and it will not make the difference between winning and losing in most cases. That being said, I believe the Patriots will win. Not because they need it more, but because they’re a better team. Call it what you want, but the Broncos have gotten lucky. Everything has gone their way and teams have choked under the spotlight while facing them. The Patriots are a well-coached team and very discipline. It’s hard to imagine  them blow a game because of dumb mistakes. I also think this is bad match-up for the Broncos. They are a run stop defense and, luckily for them, they have faced teams who rely on their running game. The Patriots are a west-coast, pass first offense, something the Broncos defense hasn’t done well with.  Unless Tim Tebow can play the entire game like he plays in the 4th QT, there will be no time for Tebow time in the 4th. The Patriots will in all likelihood be up too many scores for him to mount another comeback win in the 4th or overtime.

Patriots 34, Broncos 20.



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