10 Thoughts On WWE TLC 12.18.11 — Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Randy Orton

Hello, everybody! Kelly, here. Comin’ at you after a majestic night of drinking at my favorite bar and enjoying some TLC. How did we enjoy this pay-per-view? Please leave comments about your thoughts, because I really do want to know! Well, sort of.

1. Opening with Ryder/Ziggler seemed a little strange to me, considering it was a match that everyone was probably really looking forward to. But, if you open strong, you should end strong, right? It was refreshing to see Ryder take the belt, after waiting patiently for it to happen. The bar absolutely erupted when the final three count occurred, and for good reason. Who didn’t want to see it end up the way it did?

2. I didn’t expect a tag team match, which I should have because, well, why wouldn’t there be? I felt it was a little weird to see Epico and Primo vying for it, because it felt so sudden. Almost like they forgot they had a tag team division. But it was a decent match, and I’d like to see it turn into more in the future.

3. I found myself completely underwhelmed with the Orton/Barrett shenanigans. I expected more from both, but their tag team match on Friday was more entertaining than tonight’s nonsense. I guess it had everything you could want from a tables match, but I was a little dismayed by The Orton Show taking center stage once more. It was yet another squash for the Viper and I can’t say I was on board. But, what do I know…

4. So we got some Diva action after all? Neat. But, against Kelly Kelly? Bitch has like, four moves. I counted. It is good to see Beth retain, but I have to wonder where she’s going to go from here. Lord knows the WWE has no idea what to do with the females…

5. I yawned during Nash/HHH. And I wasn’t the only one.

6. From what I could tell on the patio while smoking a cigarette, Sheamus/Swagger looked good. I just have to wonder why this was all so thrown together. Like, suddenly…a match!

7. Here’s the fun part. I am so done with Show and Henry. Like, for reals. But once the bell rang, I was shocked that Show was the new champion. And imagine my surprise when Daniel Bryan ran out, briefcase in tow. Money in the Bank cashins are always so exciting, so abrupt, that I was thrilled to see it happen. I began wondering where this whole angle would take us, but instead decided to just enjoy it.

8. You all know that I’ve fallen off the WWE road recently, but hot damn! The new WWE Network looks cool…

9. Cody Rhodes facing Booker T was not the match I expected to see before the main event. But I was pleased with the result. The finish was a little abrupt, but the filling was enough for me.

10. The main event was the highlight, for me. First of all, you have three guys I’ve been high on for ages. Then, you have the damn obstacles. Both times Punk was handcuffed to miscellaneous objects, the doubt flooded like a basement. But all three men looked so strong, and so powerful. I enjoyed the entire match immensely and wonder how they’ll top it for Rumble.

10.1. No Cena tonight?? Merry Christmas to all!

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