’s Quick Quips: WWE Raw 12.19.11


– Be sure to check out my Quick Quips for last night’s TLC PPV HERE!

– Very cool opening segment which made all three titles appear important.

– 6 man tag match main event with 6 young guys. 2011 looks to be ending on a good note.

– Why do I feel we’re having this match so WWE can have a TNA moment and have Barrett win so no one will remember Orton won on Sunday?

– Well he didn’t win the match but I’d argue that Barrett gained all heat he lost last night back tonight.

– Was Alicia Fox wearing a Build-A-Bear skin to the ring?

– Well the result of that match proved Seth Mates’ point from over the week. Vince McMahon cannot look at the ratings for validation anymore so he looks to Twitter and has no understanding about how it works or how easy it is to get things to “trend”. Alicia Fox is trending every week so Vince decides to push her in a two minute clean win over Beth Phoenix. This is going to get worse before it gets better.

– Jinder Mahal’s entrance is the first time the “What?” chant makes sense.

– Well that was quick. Why do we need this match twice a week?

– It’s interesting that no one is really questioning how Kane’s hair grew so fast. He wasn’t gone THAT long.

– Those were some of the worst Cena punches I’ve ever seen.

– Did I just see blood on Superman?!

– Air Boom look like they have uniforms on. Cute.

– Rosa was shouting the exact same thing last night. Are those the only Spanish words she knows?

– Interesting side note, when Rosa Mendes was auditioning for the Diva Search, I logged her tape and positioned her in a lot of the promo videos. Yes she didn’t really exceed as much as I thought but she’s lasted awhile.

– Ok, that was one of the better Santino segments. Short and sweet.

– Zack Ryder’s dad at last night’s TLC was amazing. Really cool to see.

– Big Show heel turn?

– From Colleen: Josh Matthews’ fake tan is the same color as Big Show’s ugly shirt!

– When Ryder’s music hit, it sounded as if the arena started singing along. How awesome would it be if Ryder’s music became the new “Enter Sandman”?

– Can you imagine the workrate of main event matches if CM Punk and Daniel Bryan can remain the top champions and are paired with guys that could help them succeed?

– Some of Del Rio’s “everyday” bumps are quite scary.

– Smart move giving Daniel Bryan the win and it looks like they are setting up a Bryan/Big Show and Bryan/Del Rio feuds. Should be an interesting couple of months.

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