’s Quick Quips: WWE TLC 2011

– Looks like CM Punk got his wish. He’s in the Signature video.

– Spanish announce team intro before a PPV that has “Tables” in it’s name. Yea that’s one table not going to survive the night.

– I’m torn on whether or not I like Ziggler using the term “Heel” so much. I like how it looks and how “hash tag heel” sounds but it’s such an insider term that in the long run it might do more harm than good. Not to mention the obvious… whenever he turns babyface.

– God this match would be great on mute.

– This crowd is hot tonight! Them going nuts for Vickie’s ejection is hopefully a good sign for the rest of the night.

– Awesome shot of Zack’s dad in the crowd. That was pure emotion we haven’t seen in a long time.

– Great match and one of the best openers of the year by far.

– That’s a lot of Air Boom merchandise.

– Primo and Epico are a stable with Hunico. Someone on Creative has an O fetish.

– We’ve also seen Vickie Guerrero, Ryder’s buddy The Big O and heard “Oh, Radio!” twice.

– Decent tag match but the only real threat was if they decided to take the belts off of Bourne because of his Wellness violation. WWE needs to build up a few more tag teams.

– I have to admit that segment was pretty funny.

– This is the first time I’m seeing Barrett’s new ink. Although I do have a few myself, tattoos in wrestling are being over done to the point that guys without them stand out more. Just a personal preference.

– Barrett’s eye is busted pretty bad. Remember when WWE used to stop the match entirely to fix a cut and mop up blood? Very glad they don’t go that far anymore.

– Although Barrett has numerous victories over Orton, I still feel he could have won this match and Orton wouldn’t have lost any momentum. Very good match though.

– When did Teddy Long become such a dirty old man?

– For you non-Irish fans, the stories Sheamus’ tells are true to form. All old Irish men have an endless supply of weird fables.

– Damn, I thought I got out of a Kelly Kelly match this month.

– That was better than some of their previous matches. That’s not hard to accomplish though.

– What the-?! It’s a good thing the Rumble sells itself because that commercial didn’t.

– Booker is in great shape for 41. Plus we don’t have to listen to him on commentary.

– Man, Triple H knows how to make a giant look good.

– Figure four through a ladder. That’s a new one.

– Did ANYONE think Nash would take a ladder bump through a table?!

– Oops.

– Decent fight that I’m sure exceeded most expectations.

– I know I’m stating the obvious but damn is Sheamus over.

– Does anyone take Swagger seriously anymore?

– That promo told me Big Show isn’t winning the title.

– Well that was slow and then shocking. But who does he face up until WrestleMania and then at the show? Well I guess WWE doesn’t have to worry about the booking flaws of him saying he’s cashing in at ‘Mania.

– It’s nice to see Lilian back in the ring.

– Nice match with Cody looking really good. He just needs a hot, personal feud for the IC title to really cement him.

– The best part of old ladder matches was the referees hanging the title belt in the ring after the champion enters. Now it’s all preproded and I miss that little bit of realism.

– Was Lawler seriously just talking about pinfalls? Ok at least he corrected him. And I was just about to say how much better Lawler has been tonight…

– I wonder if tonight is a WWE ploy to justify a poor buyrate because Cena isn’t on the show.

– Damn, Punk is a 5 time World champion already.

– How many ladder matches has Ricardo interfered in? You’d think someone would want him banned from ringside.

– Holy crap that was a beautiful enzinguri!

– These guys are doing a great job of selling the violence of this match.

– Woah!

– Hahaha I love how the referees rushed over and once they realized he was ok, they just walked away quickly.

– That was honestly one of the most exciting matches I’ve seen in a long time. In some ways more so than even Punk/Cena at Money in the Bank. Very good PPV.

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