WWE Smackdown Dark Matches for 12.23.11 (Former ROH Star, Randy Orton vs. Raw Wrestler)

Before the show:

Dark Match: Ted DiBiase beat Dean Ambrose (Jon Moxley). DiBiase won with Dream Street. Before the match, Dibiase got a great reaction and Ambrose cut a typical heel promo how we should respect him although we suck.

And after the show:

For the live audience, The Miz came out and demanded another Superstar to face. Randy Orton came out to answer The Miz’s challenge, with Booker T as the special referee. Orton got by far the biggest pop of the night.

Dark Match: Randy Orton beat The Miz with Booker T as special referee. The crowd was into the match, chanting Randy’s name throughout. Then, Cody Rhodes came out to attack Booker, Ziggler came out to attack Orton, and Ryder came out to even the field and attack Miz. Booker, Ryder, and Orton all hit their finishers on Rhodes to send the crowd home happy. But, Booker T called for one last treat: a Spinaroonie, a Ryderroonie, and an RKOaroonie. Orton sold embarrassment, but the crowd went nuts when he hit the RKOaroonie.

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Source: PWTorch