Wonder Woman Spoilers: How Does Hera’s Wrath Change Wonder Woman’s Life Forever?

Last issue Diana’s secret origin was revealed, that instead of being made of clay she is in actuality the daughter of Zeus. That her mother, Queen Hippolyta, had concealed the affair along with the true nature of who Diana is as a way to protect her…from Hera. The Queen of the Gods does not take kindly to others laying with her husband, especially if he leaves them with child, and now that Diana knows the truth…so does Hera.

She journeys to Themyscria in search of Hippolyta, who comes to meet her without her Amazons. She’s apologetic, saying it was all to protect her daughter. Hera seems more angry at Zeus, wanting to know what he said, what he did to seduce Hippolyta. The Amazons surround, disobeying their queen out of loyalty. Hippolyta submits to Hera, giving her a big freaking axe and accepting her execution…which does not come.

Instead…she has something much more biblical in store. This is no longer about punishing Hippolyta, it becomes a punishment for Diana simply for existing. Hera turns the Amazons into snakes, and Hippolyta into stone.

Diana no longer has a home left to go to.

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