What’s On JOE Mind: Episode 35 (G.I. Joe Podcast)

April 25th, 2011 – its when we posted our first show. We had NO idea how this would go. Some of us thought it would be an epic failure and end in embarassment. Well, 36 weekly shows later, we’re still chugging along trying to be the loudest cheerleaders of the line we can. We could not have done this without YOU the fans and our many many friends and supporters, so we hope you don’t mind a little gratuitous back patting this week as we take time to thank you all for all of your help and involvement over the last year. This week the team looks back at the year that was, 2011 in the first half of the show. What were the highlights? What were the lowlights? Who or what did we lose over the last year to make the obituary? We also answer some voice mail from a famous terrorist leader with world dominaion aspirations and we get a special song from a show regular that even made Justin blush. In the second half we go over what to expect in 2012. With Toy Fair, JoeCon, the Movie and SDCC in the first half of the year ALONE, it is going to be a GREAT 2012 for the line. In the brief news of the week, an Amazon.com rumor has them selling an exclusive movie 4 pack – who’s characters confuse the team, but we know who to blame for not reporting it right. To wrap the news up, Sideshow releases the uber cool Cobra Viper. It was a good year to be a Sideshow fan! Lastly, we play for you what the listeners chose for the most Classic Chuck Moment of 2011. Happy Holidays and see you in 2012!!

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