’s Quick Quips: Impact Wrestling 12.22.11


– So is Roode a member of Immortal with Bully Ray as an ally? Can we just completely kill Immortal already?

– I kick myself every week that I forgot to ask Bobby Roode exactly how he’s “off the chain”.

– Remember when the only wrestler who wore a suit in the ring was Ric Flair? Way too overdone now.

– Jeff Hardy painting his face again has me worried. I always attribute makeup Hardy to wasted Hardy.

– Only on Impact will you see a field trip in the first row.

– Ugh WTF? Why is the “Jok-inger” back?!

– Styles and Kaz a “Wild Card” tag team? That’s convenient.

– I think TNA may have the distinction of most ponytails on the roster.

– Woah! Anyone else catch SoCal Val in the background in the sexy Mrs. Claus-style outfit? How is that woman not featured?

– Thank God the established team advanced. There’s only so many times the “reluctant partners” gimmick works.

– Did Zema Ion seriously flat iron his air?

– Anthony Niese looks like the love child of Chris Masters, Tommy Dreamer and Nunzio. I don’t know how that would work but just go with it.

– Another decent match but it’s obvious these two are still really green.

– So an active wrestler is now in charge of the Knockouts? That makes sense.

– Pope jumped the shark 8 months ago. My remote is dying from fast forwarding his segments.

– Eric Young and ODB could be awesome.

– Executive Vice President of the Knockouts? Can the do anything original?

– Tessmacher has gotten much better in the ring.

– Did they seriously “Tebow” on TV?

– I wonder if Sting does his makeup like this now just because he’s lazy.

– Before my interview with Storm 2 weeks ago, as I’m waiting for him to get to the phone, all I hear is him yelling in the background is “Where’s my beer… Flair?! I’m drunk!” At 2:30 in the afternoon. Way to live the gimmick, James.

– Second Tebow reference of the night.

– All I can picture right now is Kurt Angle in the tiny cowboy hat Steve Austin once gave him.

– Angle is seriously wearing a toy bullet belt…

– Bully Ray really is bringing back the old school heel promo style and I love it.

– I’m guessing Young and ODB go over since they’ve gotten the video packages and Anarquia has been sent to OVW already. I’m just guessing though.

– Eric Young locking up with everyone reminds me of the Bushwhackers licking everyone.

– Ok I was wrong, this tag team is going to get old quick.

– Annnnnd Kurt’s wearing chaps.

– Wow that was campy. Even for TNA.

– Bully Ray just flexed his calf for the camera. That was new.

– Sting’s come a long way to be wrestling in a t-shirt, sneakers and dress paints. At least he can still wear his gloves…?

– Decent brawl but the guy who looked the best isn’t even an active wrestler anymore. You could have booked any other young guy on the roster to give him a main event rub but instead Sting gets the spotlight again.

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