THE RAGER – John Cena vs. Tim Tebow and Stop Blaming PG

So this is it for 2011, huh?

When you think back on the year, that’s just about how you feeling…just meh. Sure, we’ve seen dictators and evil world leaders meet their end, hippies are still camped out of privately owned companies and complaining about the government (as well as other babble), economy is still down, and so on and so on. I’m not saying 2011 was a waste of a year but it wasn’t exactly phenomenal. Now as far as WWE goes, we had some pretty amazing things happen, things we’d thought we would never see.

And this is a list of the top 10 greatest moments of…

Just kidding, there’s enough of lists like that going on right now and everybody everywhere does them every year and I’m already tired of it (kinda like how I was done with Christmas music before Thanksgiving).

Instead, how about I just get my Rage on, yes? Yes.

Last week, I discussed what the internet had left to talk about now that CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Zack Ryder are all champions. I spent a lot of it on John Cena and my theory on how he’s already a heel but WWE is just now catching on as of late. A few days ago, a Ragean by the name of BilderbergSuperstar made a great point by comparing Cena to Bronco’s QB Tim Tebow and I must admit, I love that idea and I’m kinda jealous of the fact that I didn’t think of it first.

Both have critics about whether or not they can actually play/wrestle and yet somehow wins (although both seem to be on the down-and-out slump). Both get a huge reaction from people that love them for their out-of-ring/off-the-field antics and people that wish they would just shut up and do their job. Tebow is still new to the NFL and is no where near to being the face of the company but like Cena, brushes off criticism or respects others for their opinions. Basically, both are great role models for their respective fan bases but have huge targets on their backs for those opposed.

But I’ve been talking enough about Cena lately and there’s not much else to say other than the fact that he got lecture by the Big Red Philosophy Professor at the end of Raw.

CM Punk and John Laurinaitis have cordially been at each other’s throats as of late. It hasn’t been anything vicious or violent but yet, comedic and silly. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the video presentation Punk made at the Slammy’s but if this is a serious angle then lets get serious already. I believe that the problem behind all of this is WWE wants a new edition of Stone Cold and Mr. McMahon and the easy answer as to why this is failing would be to point at the PG rating. Nowadays, I find it hard to accept that the PG rating is the lone factor to WWE’s lameness. The crux of the problem for Punk/Laurinaitis fued, as well as WWE as a company, is the lack of creativity. Lets be perfectly honest, just because something has a PG rating doesn’t mean its automatically terrible (looking at you Star Wars, Toy Story and every other Pixar movie) I’m not saying Punk isn’t a creative person, he’s probably the most creative in the business. But what I am saying is that only has so much to work with in this case because the only thing he or anyone else has on Laurinaitis is some embarrassing pictures/videos from back in the day. As for the company in general, when you have that much money and that much access to practically anyone and anything at any given point and time, its a shame for you to come up with less-than.

I’m confused over the face/heel status of R-Truth during his return. It seemed like he got a pretty big pop when he came out to attack Miz, he didn’t yell at the audience to stop “what-ing” him, and Miz was apparently the only Jimmy there. If WWE actually pulls off a heel vs. heel story, I’d be very proud of WWE but, lets be honest, they wouldn’t do that. So here are their options: turn R-Hooch (Hooch is craaaaazy) back into a bland face that’s forever on the verge of being future endeavored, take a chance on turning Miz face for the first time ever and see how that goes (I vote probably not well) or continue this story for a little while, have them eliminate each other at the Royal Rumble and then just drop it. My prediction on that would be the last option and more than likely drop the story even sooner. Again, this was started just to get Truth off TV for his suspension, I’m very sure WWE did not think of an exit strategy (surprise surprise).

Well that does it for me, I hope everyone’s holiday went off without any hitches. I must admit, my Christmas was pretty amazing.
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Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do twice,

The Answer: “Dolph Ziggler can sell just about anything…he could sell CM Punk drugs” – Joel Leonard

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