Dana White: Jon Fitch Needs ‘a little bit of a reality check’

Earlier on in the week, Jon Fitch stated that he was concerned MMA was becoming too much like pro wrestling where the loudest guys will get the title shots. Find out Dana White’s honest response after the jump.

In a recent interview with MMAFighting, Jon Fitch said he was afraid MMA is becoming too much like professional wrestling where the squeakiest wheel gets the grease. In other words, just because you can talk really loud in front of a camera and be entertaining, you’ll get a title shot.

Dana White gave an honest response. He told MMAFighting that Fitch is still in the hunt for the title and explained why other guys are being given a shot before him.

White said, “You hear the same thing from everybody about Jon Fitch: If I wanna fall asleep and I can’t get to sleep at night, I’ll put in a Jon Fitch fight. Whatever you think, Jon Fitch is one of the best 170-pounders in the world. And yes, he’s in the hunt for a title again, but find one person that will tell you they love a Jon Fitch fight, it’s the most exciting thing they’ve ever seen and they just get so excited for it.”

Even though Jon Fitch boasts an impressive record of 23-3-1, nine of his last ten fights ended in a decision. He hasn’t finished a bout since 2007 at UFC Fight Night 10 against Roan Carneiro. Fitch definitely deserves to be in the mix for a welterweight title shot but taking White’s words into consideration, it is easy to see why exciting fighters like Dan Hardy, Nick Diaz, Jake Shields and Carlos Condit are being considered before him.

White continued, “So when you say that you have a fight like Cerrone and Diaz on the card and a guy with a record like (Fitch’s) is on and people aren’t, you know, jumping out of their seats for that fight, I think Jon needs to have a little bit of a, you know… he’s got to be a little honest with himself and have a little bit of a reality check when he talks about stuff like that.”

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Source: MMAFighting.com

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