’s Quick Quips: Impact Wrestling 12.29.11


– The Knockouts are featured in the opening video AND open the show in the ring. Nice change of pace.

– How weird would it be if a tag team like Matt Morgan and Crimson walked down the ramp holding hands like Tara and Tessmacher?

– Last week Sting wore that coat. This week he’s dressed like a teenager who shops at PacSun.

– That segment did make the Knockouts feel important but the screeching and Sting’s mockery made them take a few steps back.

– Who allows Christy Hemme to go on TV dressed like that?

– Kaz/Styles vs Morgan/Crimson could make for a good match. I like the style clash (no pun intended).

– That would have went over better if the people in the arena actually knew what Monster’s Ball is.

– Contract on a pole – been awhile since something was on a pole.

– If Ric Flair is there to speak for Gunner, Gunner shouldn’t speak.

– This best of 3 series really hasn’t set the world on fire as past X-Division series in the past.

– You can tell these guys have a good idea what they want to do and the story they want to tell but they just don’t have the execution to pull it off yet.

– Aries calling this match not very challenging was great. It’s what we’ve been saying about pole matches for a long time.

– I feel like Douglas Williams is the Drew McIntyre of TNA. Lots of pushes and titles and now nothing.

– Interesting that the fans can get in touch with Dixie Carter through Facebook AND Twitter but her own employees aren’t allowed to talk to her anymore.

– Is Doug Williams being released or sent to OVW too?

– Amazing how quickly that cut away from Gunner/Williams. Way to sell that floor spot.

– Love these Bobby Roode family videos. I wish I got a little more out of him during our interview but it did seem like it was a bad day.

– Ahh this is why he didn’t really talk about it, looks like I stumbled on a future storyline.

– I’m happy Jeff spent the time to put on his face paint for the spontaneous run-in.

– Looks like they’re building to Kurt Angle vs Sting. Well I guess it’s not Hogan.

– Just waiting for Joe to come in and clean house. Magnus and Joe vs Styles and Kaz could be great.

– Whew! I was getting worried there for a second.

– Mickie is just terrible in these impromptu interviews. So bad it’s really hard to watch.

– It’s the battle of the singlets.

– When was the last time Angle pinned anyone with the Angle Slam?

– Nice finish and Storm is looking fit. This could be another great match.

– I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t remember seeing anyone use a super kick in a bar fight.

– Knockouts are main eventing the show. Mickie and Gail can handle it and let’s see if they deliver.

– Hey! Check out Mickie wearing something normal.

– Did TNA buy Gail Kim’s TitanTron video along with her contract?

– This match proved why WWE released both of these women. They can wrestle but they need sometime to tell their story. WWE just isn’t willing to give up that much TV time for their Divas.

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