’s Quick Quips: Smackdown 12.30.11


-It’s a small thing and I may be wrong but I don’t think anyone takes a new WWE champion seriously when John Cena is shown in the final shot of the Signature raising the title and saying “The Champ is here!”

– Cody’s been good in this storyline but this is doing nothing for me. Rhodes’ could be having a hot feud with numerous other midcard talents and instead he’s in a so-so feud with Booker T. And now Dustin Rhodes? I feel like this is heading in a bad direction.

– David Otunga is main eventing Smackdown?! What happened to this show?

– I still don’t understand how a theme song that begins “I come from money!” is a babyface theme.

– Hopefully this is the beginning of SOMETHING for Drew.

– I thought Kaitlyn was a heel. Oh wait, they’re WWE Divas, it doesn’t matter.

– Nattie is spending New Year’s Eve with her cats? What the hell?

– What was that finish?! And we get all of this because Fox inexplicably trends on Twitter.

– I’m waiting every week now for Chris Nowitzki to make a cameo with David Otunga. It already looks like Otunga raided his gear.

– I like the idea of Big Show vs Daniel Bryan but I feel like Bryan is starting to play the little kid in this story. And he’s the World Heavyweight Champion.

– Did they just call Gabriel the “South African Werewolf”?

– WWE must finally be feeling the hard financial times. No more cars for Del Rio and Hunico has to come out on a bicycle instead of the typical low rider.

– Are they the Mexican Crime Tyme?

– Really Cole?! The history of low rider bike?! What the fu–?

– Comacho?! Another “o”!

– Completely thought Otunga was going to fall off the top rope during his entrance.

– Daniel Bryan is being made to look like a putz who isn’t tough to beat anyone. Does he have a clean one on one win over anyone since he won the belt?

– Woah, the Old Spice guy got jacked.

– Losing streak for Drew? I’d like to see him “snap” and then elevated in a feud with someone like Sheamus.

– According to Booker in this match, there are about 12 different things “this business is all about!”

– Who keeps putting a microphone in Heath Slater’s hand?

– One segment of Heath Slater wasn’t enough?

– I said it last week but it bares repeating, Sheamus needs a purpose. He’s going out every week and participating in random spot segments. Maybe the Randy Orton injury will open that spot for him.

– What are they doing with Bryan? Maybe they really are going for a heel turn with him because this character is rather annoying.

– I can just imagine the pop Orton gets when his music hits for the first time after his injury.

– I wasn’t big on this program in the beginning but it really has made Barrett important. I can see Bryan vs Barrett for the title, especially at the Rumble where they wouldn’t have to carry the show.

– This might be the most rest holds I’ve ever seen in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

– Ok the elevator fight was just awesome.

– Very clever way of getting around the stairs spot so Orton didn’t have to pull a Mick Foley. Good brawl to end the show, very creative and it gave Barrett something to gloat about.

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