Week 17 NFL Predictions + NBA Pick of the Day

Sorry for not posting my week 16 predictions. It was a busy week as most of you know.  I didn’t even bet that much football this week. I only bet Eagles over Cowboys and Saints over Falcons. Both won and covered so that’s great. Plus, I took Celtics+4, Lakers+4 and then last night T-Wolves+5. Neither team won, but all covered making my NBA winning streak more flawed than Tim Tebow’s winning streak. A win is a win, and I’ll take it any way I can get it.

Washington Redskins+9 vs. Philadelphia Eagles –

Redskins were playing some of their best ball since they were 3-1 in recent weeks. In typical Redskins fashion, they lost the Vikings after beating the New York Giants. Eagles, on the other hand, have finally hit on all strides. Sometimes the most dangerous January team is the one that isn’t going to play in January and the Eagles are certainly a playoff contender right now. They’ll finish strong in this game, improving their record to 8-8 and cover the spread.  Eagles- 28, Redskins 17

San Francisco 49ers-10.5 vs. St Louis Rams

I know the Rams are bad, but this seems like a trap game. The 49ers are known for winning 19-17 games and the Rams (at home) have nothing to lose -so they will most likely flip to the last page of the playbook. 49ers 15, Rams 6

Chicago Bears-1 vs. Minnesota Vikings

Tough game. Bears held their own against Packers, while Vikings look great with Webb. But why would Vikings want to win this game?Bears 23, Vikings 20

Detroit Lions-3.5 vs. Greenbay Packers

This game blows. It could go either way. Heads=Packers,  Tails=Lions:flips coin:. It’s heads. Lions 30, Packers 28.

Carolina Panthers-8.5 vs. New Orleans Saints

CAM, CAM, CAM, CAM. Believe in CAM. Oh wait, I forgot. Panthers’ defense is terrible. But hey at least their facing the Saints. Oh wait, their offense is awesome. Well, at least Panthers are playing at home. What!? They’re playing in the dome. Oh shit, Saints will kill ’em. Saints 49, Panthers 28

Tennessee Titans-3 vs. Houston Texans

Titans could be a dangerous team in the playoffs; they have a solid defense, a running game that’s coming around and an experienced QB in Matty Hasselbeck.  But they need some help by the Ravens to make it. I think Titans will beat the Texans here. Texans have nothing to play for. Titans 24, Texans 19

Indianapolis Colts+3.5 vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Benching Painter was the worst decision Colts ever made. That guy would blow win even if the opposing team died in a plane crash. With this new and improved looking Colts team, I don’t see how they possibly blow this game against the Jaguars. They have to try very hard. Colts 21, Jags 17

New York Jets+2.5 vs. Miami Dolphins

Don’t you love this Dolphins team? Don’t you find this Jets team to be a fraud? Matt Moore shows Jets why he’s better than their franchise QB. Oh shit! Dolphins 17, Jets 10.

Buffalo Bills+11 vs. New England Patriots

Patriots want revenge and don’t want Bills to flirt with ending their first round bye. It’s also a payback game for that lost in week 3. Patriots don’t lose twice in a row to teams. It’s almost statistically proven. Plus the Bills are 1-6 on the road, while Patriots are 6-1 at home. Patriots secondary might be bad, but so are the Bills. And we all know Brady is better than Ryan “check it down” Fitzpatrick. Patriots 34, Bills 20

Tampa Bay Buccaneers+12 vs. Atlanta Falcons

My biggest shock of the team was the Bucs potentially going 4-12 after beating the Falcons and Saints earlier in the season. This spread is tough, but I think you go with Falcons here. Bucs have been too bad this year, and there’s no signs of them being a spoiler team. Falcons 29, Bucs 17

Baltimore Ravens-2 vs. Cincinnati Bengals

I’ve never seen such an inconsistent 11-4 team than the Ravens, plus I think San Diego really exposed their strong point, their defense, when they spread their WRS out and did max-protections and chipped Suggs. Aside from Ed Reed, Ravens secondary isn’t as good as they look due to the pressure their front 7 can put on the QB. Dalton can spread out this secondary with his deep targets. However, when it comes down to when it matters, I think the guys who been there, done that will prevail over the young team. Ravens 26, Bengals 23

San Diego Chargers+3.5 vs. Oakland Raiders

Favorite pick this week. I know deep down inside the Chargers are a good football team. With no pressure, they should show this. I don’t believe the Raiders are good at all. They were, not anymore. This is going to be the Raiders’ reality check. Chargers 34, Raiders 17

KC Chiefs+3 vs. Denver Broncos

Broncos might win, but I’m picking the Chiefs only because its going to be epic listening to ESPN talk about how Tim Tebow back-doored into the playoffs. Chiefs 6, Broncos 5

Seattle Seahawks+3 vs. Arizona Cardinals

This is a who is playing home game. Both teams are great at home, but not so great on the road. Arizona is at home, so they win this game. These teams did a lot with nothing this year, and deserve some credit. Cards 20, Seahawks 16

Pittsburgh  Steelers-4 vs. Cleveland Browns

I believe in Charlie Batch. Steelers 17, Browns 0

Dallas Cowboys+3 vs. New York Giants

This is my second favorite pick. Both teams are predictably unpredictable; however, I just think Giants are simply better. Plus, Romo isn’t 100 percent and Giants front 4 are back to full-strength. Giants 30, Cowboys 17


NBA Pick of the Day:

Thunder-1 over Grizzles –

Thunder aren’t great while going to Memphis, but this is a new season. I do believe the Grizzles are a good team this year; however, I believe Thunder are final quality this year. The more talented, athletic, and sound team wins here. Thunder 109, Grizzles 102


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