10 Thoughts on WWE Smackdown! 12.30.11 — Daniel Bryan, Wade Barrett, Randy Orton

Well, Happy New Year, ladies and gentleman of the Pulse Realm! I hope you celebrated with dignity and grace…nah, I’m just yanking your chain, I hope you all got wasted!

What will I remember most of 2011? Well, seeing a “KELLY FLOYD” sign on Raw would have to be in the top three. I still mark out for that. What will you guys remember?


1. Booker T is about as interesting as exposed brick. But Cody’s involvement makes the entire thing interesting to me. Well, as much as it can be. Cody is a mouthy little thing, so his promos guide you in the direction it needs to be. And I loved when Goldust appeared, and as Dustin to boot. Was the entire ordeal too long? You bet your sweet ass it was. But I found myself enjoying it.

2. For some reason, I keep forgetting that Jinder Mahal still exists. He’s like the new and updated Primo. And I barely knew that he was feuding with Teddy. But, wow. Teddy put on a hell of match. He stepped out of his little comfort zone and really impressed me. I hope he can keep it going.

3. Oh hey look! Drew McIntyre is back. I missed the little kilt-lifter. He seemed somewhat strong throughout the bout, too. But to come back just to lose and get all flustered? I’m not sure I see the point.

4. Can someone explain to me why Alicia Fox is suddenly all up in my business? She is absolutely everywhere I look now. I know the Divas Division isn’t exactly an oasis of talent, and Alicia has definitely improved. But seriously. Where’s Beth? Why is Nattie teaming with Tamina? Why is Alicia such a sudden powerhouse? What happened to the logic we all pretended to understand?

5. It’s nice to see J-Gabe staying afloat after the Nexus/Corre thing. He was primarily the flash of each group with that magnificent 450, so I wondered what would happen afterward. Of course, Hunico easily defeated the high-flyer, but I thought it was a decent pairing.

6. Big Show facing David Otunga. Is this sarcasm?

7. Where has Zeke been? Have I been missing too many episodes of Smackdown, or is this his return? Oh well. He didn’t look nearly as powerful as he once did. But that could be a result of the new ‘do.

8. Go. Away. Swoggle.

9. I liked seeing Daniel Bryan get all sassy when talking to the Big Show towards the end. He’s let his wrestling do the talking in the past, so it’s nice to see he’s grabbing this opportunity and doing all that he can with it. Though, I can’t say I’m thrilled for the two to face off next week.

10. It make just be me, but I feel as though Randy is involved in some sort of stipulation match on Smackdown more than he’s involved in a regular one. Oh well. I like Falls Count Anywhere matches. Well, when they don’t take place in an elevator with an exceptionally cheesy security cam scene. I did like the cliffhanger ending, though.

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