10 Thoughts On… The Bachelor – Season Premiere Review – “Maybe We Should Share A Tampon”

1. Very good premiere episode. It really had it all. I thought the limo entrances were completely over-the-top and unbelievable but what I like the most about The Bachelor is that it celebrates the fact that it is trainwreck television.

2. I have been highly critical of Ben as the Bachelor but after seeing the first episode, I believe that his awkward nature will make for a more compelling season. Who wants to see the smooth guys on this show? It’s way funnier when the guy doesn’t know what to say or do. It was actually quite refreshing.

3. Most of my reality circle has picked Nicki, the dental hygienist from Texas as their favorite. For me it was definitely, Jenna the overanalyzing blogger. While her “maybe we could share a tampon” line will undoubtedly go down in reality television history as will her nonsensical feud with Monica, she just came across as very real to me. From her awkward initial greeting (which I liked compared to how staged all the others were) to her bathroom breakdown, she was certainly the most beautiful in my opinion.

4. There was a lot of facetime for Courtney who will undoubtedly be this season’s villainous Vienna/Trish hybrid. It’s clear she will go far in the competition, but aside from her constantly referring to herself as a model, I didn’t think she was that bad.

5. How great was the lesbian-scene-that-wasn’t between Monica and Blakeley? While it was totally overhyped, you can’t say it wasn’t fun to watch and another example of why this show is a ratings bonanza.

6. The editing has gotten even more blatant and predictable. The worst for me was when Kacie B. made her entrance and the music completely changed. Totally means that the administrative assistant from Tennessee is going deep… into the competition.

7. First impression rose is key. Always is. Always will be.

8. The scenery in the preview for the rest of the season might be the best that I have ever seen on a Bachelor series.

9. With his initial picks, Ben balanced just the right number of crazy contestants with actual possibilities to keep the season interesting.

10. A former girlfriend shows up? Blech.

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