’s Quick Quips: WWE Raw 1.2.12

– Ok… “1.2.12” video predictions. If you follow me on Twitter (@MattHarrak), you know my prediction.

– Did John Cena just say he’s going to show The Rock his penis after their WrestleMania match?

– Well that was boring.

– Cody Rhodes vs. Daniel Bryan? This is a really nice surprise. Combine this with Punk vs. Ziggler and this could be a phenomenal Raw.

– I HATE the what they’re doing with Daniel Bryan. He’s cheesy, wins by flukes and acts like a little punk. It’s not even a good heel character for him.

– “Signature move for R-Truth – water bottle right to the head.” – What the hell?!

– I didn’t think it was possible but R-Truth has gotten worse.

– Barrett finally wins with the Boss Man Slam- I mean “The Winds of Change”. Please tell me this is the end of Wasteland.

– I’ve never liked R-Truth. He might have turned into a channel changer for me now.

– Sometimes I feel uncomfortable with the “Great White” nickname for Sheamus. It makes me feel as it’s one small step to white supremacy references.

– Did we really need a slo-mo replay of the water bottle smash? I honestly think the water bottle may hurt less than the Cobra.

– Love Ziggler’s interview style. It’s unique and intelligent.

– That was a strange way to announce a 6 man match featuring 4 main eventers. Last minute rewrite?

– Champion enters first. Hoping that’s just to hook the 10 o’clock viewers. Also, anyone else a little disappointed this match isn’t going on last?

– Curious that Dolph Ziggler got interview time before this match but the WWE Champion did not.

– Um why would Vickie Guerrero be urging the referee to count Punk out faster? The title doesn’t change hands on a count-out.

– The logic of that finish was completely non-existent.

– Those are not flattering outfits on the Bellas.

– Beautiful moonsault from Eve!

– Woah! Haven’t heard that word on Raw in a couple of years. Definitely made an impact.

– I think Jericho spent all of his Dancing with the Stars money on that jacket.

– Sorry Jericho, you’re not the Rock. You can’t just stand there and not say anything.

– Wait is Jericho turning heel by thinking this is bigger than it is.

– Incredibly smart move by Jericho. He knew he was going to get a babyface response no matter what so he just milked it until it got annoying. Completely original and completely Jericho.

– Smackdown this week should be good with two big title matches.

– Poor Brodius Clay. He’s going to be released before he debuts. Wait, maybe HE was the Anonymous General Manager!

– Ok, so we’re going full board with supernatural Kane. For a storyline that seemed so based in reality (the fans booing the ultra babyface Cena), this has definitely taken a left turn.

– All in all, a disappointing Raw that had pretty high expectations going in to it.

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