Not Really A Surprise: Paranormal Activity 4 Coming This October

When Paranormal Activity 3 opened to the tune of $54 million last fall it became the most successful horror launch of all-time. But that came on a weekend where it had no direct competition. The Saw franchise concluded its run back in 2010, so Paramount had free reign to reign supreme in 2011.

2012 will be a different story, as PA 4 will open a week prior to Dimension Films’ Halloween 3D on October 19th. Keeping the budget low will guarantee its success after the first weekend haul. (PA 3 cost $5 million to produce and earned more than $200 million worldwide.)

As far as to where the story will take us in this fourth installment. Well, with no writer or director yet named, leave it to producer Oren Peli to remain coy on the subject. He told The Hollywood Reporter back in December that “we are never going to make a sequel … just for the sake of making a sequel.” Adding, “It’s safe to say there are discussions.”

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter