THE RAGER! – A Glance at Chris Jericho’s Smiling Return

So here we are, once again, trying to make sense of the world of professional wrestling…but ultimately failing and erupting with anger in the process (and you wonder why its called The Rager).

So obviously, the big news of the week is that Chris Jericho returned to begin something (one can only assume from his promo is that he’s beginning an awkwardly-smiling staring contest with someone that isn’t aware of the contest itself).

But lets break this down, shall we?
The creepy video kids interrupt once again to remind us that the end of the world as we know is happening right now. We cut back to the live feed but with shaky camera movement showing awkward shots of the crowd as we all get to listen to earthquake noises. The look on just about everyone’s faces seemed to be just as annoyed with this as I was (except for this overly concerned-looking girl in a Cena shirt that the camera focuses on for what seemed like forever). Finally, the lights go out and we get a Y2J chant from the crowd until…we see a lite bright jacket (which was awesome but Matt Bellamy from Muse had a whole suit). And from there, Jericho plays it up to the crowd and gets them all aflutter. He finally grabs the mic but keeps on urging on the crowd. Fast forward a bit and Jericho throws the mic down, still smiling uncontrollably and leaves the ring, still high-fiving the crowd, and makes his way back up the ramp. By this time, the crowd finally seems to catch on that some sort of mischief is afoot and begins to boo him. Jericho, still all smiles, walks off-stage and leaving us all puzzled about what exactly just happened in those 12 minutes.

And now today, WWE posted this video recorded moments after the promo. The features are much of the same as the promo. Jericho doesn’t answer any questions, he just keeps on smiling and turning on his jacket.

This is the part where I bequeath unto you, my fellow Rageans, my great knowledge and explanation as to what the meaning behind all this is.

I honestly have no freaking clue, all I know is that I thought it was brilliant. After the anti-climatic Raw ended, I found myself trying to go through every scenario of what was to come and why this happened or that happened. Today (Tuesday) I find myself not really caring or if anything pertaining to the videos get explained or who Jericho feuds with. What is important is that we have (at least for a little bit) a genius of a heel back in a show that’s beginning to lack in that department. What was so brilliant about that promo last night is that we got to see exactly where the cheap nostalgia pop ended and everyone realized that they were getting played (a la dream projections in Inception). In those twelve minutes, we heard the crowd audibly remember that when Jericho left, he was a heel that thrived at getting boo’s from the audience and would do anything to do so.

I know that with this column, I do a lot of speculating and analyzing but that promo, much like CM Punk’s shoot promo, all I can find myself doing is just enjoying it and not worry what it all means. Lets be honest, its good to just let it go and enjoy it because 9 times out of 10, we all reach the inevitable conclusion that WWE will find a way to screw it up because they had no escape plan or whatever the case may be.

So the point I’m making in this column, whether or not any of this makes sense, is to just enjoy it and enjoy what’s to come with Jericho and we can make fun of WWE mishandling it later. Lets be honest, that is what all this wrestling stuff comes down to: having fun. I can spout all day about how I hate this or that and what was done wrong here and what needs to be done but deep down, I’m having fun with all this. Lets be honest, professional wrestling is all about some absurdities and we all know it and we all love and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. At the same time, its good to just lighten up and be able to laugh.

That last rant was probably brought to you by me reading (and loving) the latest edition of Interinactivity.

Well that just about does it for me, folks. Share your reactions on Jericho’s return in the comment section below.

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