Sliced Spread: 2012 NFL Football Playoffs Wild Card Weekend Picks and Predictions

Welcome to a very special Playoffs edition of SLICED SPREAD.

I decided to take a shot at Wild Card Weekend, let’s see how it goes:


Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans:

Both teams are limping into the playoffs, but I am picking the Bengals in an upset. Houston has lost three in a row after securing their division title, and even though they have a solid defense and running game, I think the Bengals are battle-tested coming out of a division where they faced the Steelers and Ravens twice.

Andy Dalton will not make as many mistakes as TJ Yates, and the Bengals will win in an upset.

CB’s Prediction: Bengals win 16-13
CB’s Pick ATS: Bengals +3


Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints:

This will be a fun one. The Saints will win in a shootout because they are just too good at home, but the Lions will keep things interesting for a little while until Drew Brees helps N.O. pull away in the second half.

CB’s Prediction: Saints win 45-28
CB’s Pick ATS: Saints -10.5



Atlanta Falcons at New York Giants:

The Giants have played well defensively the past two games, and that pass rush combined with the Manning-Cruz connection on offense will be enough for Big Blue to keep the Falcons grounded on the road.

I will say Atlanta could win if the Giants running game stalls, but Jacobs and Bradshaw have had two good games in a row and I just feel momentum is in New York’s favor.

CB’s Prediction: Giants win 27-17
CB’s Pick ATS: Giants -3


Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos:
Evil vs. Good:
Satan at The Pearly Gates:

If Lucifer was ever welcomed back to Heaven, this would be the week as Big Ben invades Denver to face Tim Tebow. I can see Jesus and Luci hanging out and watching this game together, trash talking while eating boneless wings and chugging some brews.

In the end, I think the Steelers win because by the Fourth quarter Jesus will have gotten so wasted that he’ll forget to perform another miracle for Tebow when Timmy needs it most.

CB’s Prediction: Steelers win 19-12
CB’s Pick ATS: Broncos +8.5

That’s it for this special Wild Card Weekend edition of SLICED SPREAD.

See you next time – CB

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