’s Quick Quips: Impact Wrestling 1.5.12

– Bobby Roode, James Storm and Bully Ray might be 3 of the best TNA has ever had.

– Why does Sting always wear gloves? Is he ashamed he bites his nails or something?

– Haha I like how Bully just tried to “hold” Roode’s belt for him.

– Hmm I wonder if we’re going to have a 6 man tag match.

– Wow, that’s a terrible picture of Gunner.

– A bikini pool fight? Really progressive TNA.

– I don’t know why Traci would ever think that haircut was attractive.

– Good match that set up the match on Sunday without giving away too much.

– Did Ric Flair just call Gunner a “man-child”?

– God that picture is awful?!

– While I think Styles and Kaz will have a better match with Morgan and Crimson, I’d love to see them do something with Magnus and Joe.

– I mean Gunner looks like he has googlely, Muppet eyes!

– How long was Garrett gone? And nice comeback for a babyface who was brutally injured. Everyone would love a low key return compared to a hot, emotional run-in against the guy who injured you.

– Gunner vs RVD. It’s like my nightmare.

– I wonder how a heel RVD would work today? Could be interesting.

– Hardy just slipped. He said he made the save of Roode’s former friend “earlier tonight”. That was last week Jeff.

– Very cool little throw-in by Bully Ray about a house show match against RVD. It made the house show appear important.

– Why is Austin Aries wearing a cape? I thought Jesse Sorenson’s entrance gear was weird.

– Hey, Kid Kash is wearing his Pit Bulls tights! Remember that short-lived mistake of a team with Jamie Noble?

– Decent match that held a lot of potential. The X-Division should get interesting once Ion and Sorenson get some more seasoning.

– Interesting tease with Daniels. I wondered where he was. Guess this means my wish of Joe and Magnus staying a team will be coming true.

– Styles’ pose at the top of the ramp looks weird without his pyro.

– “A Samoan bathtub”?

– Very good match with intriguing results for both teams.

– D-Lo and Al Snow are earning their paychecks tonight.

– I love that TNA are doing in ring announcements for all main events. It makes the matches different and important.

– Well that might have been the worst super kick I’ve ever seen.

– Nice Booking 101 to have the heels standing tall going into the PPV. This might be the best go home show TNA has ever done for a PPV. Interested to see some of the matches on Sunday.

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