John Byrne Announces TRIO As New Monthly Super-Hero Series From IDW & Reveals Art!

Alongside Cold War: The Michael Swann Dossier, which is a series of mini-series set during, um, the Cold War, and Next Men: Aftermath which will be ending or not and continuing as a series of mini-series, comes John Byrne’s next title: a super-hero title called Trio. Here’s what we know straight from Byrne himself:

When we embarked upon this project, I told Chris Ryall I wanted to get back to my roots in a very real way. I have spent much of the past 20 years or so exploring strange territories — and will continue to do so, of course, with AFTERMATH and COLD WAR — but TRIO I wanted to feel like coming home, for myself AND the audience.

Byrne also released the book’s logo and this…

The plan is for TRIO to be an ongoing monthly. We’ll see!!

Lastly, on the right, here’s the first page to TRIO sans spoilers!

John Byrne doing more super-hero comics is great news.

Happy New Year indeed! 😉

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