Quick Quips: TNA Genesis 2012

– A X-Division title match opening a PPV?! How original!

– Zema Ion dropkicking Sorenson from doing the outside dive was pretty original though.

– Kash almost just killed Ion. Ion might need a lot more seasoning but he can take a bump.

– I dont think Kid Kash was suppose to get his knees up there.

– Great dueling 450s.

– Dont get to say this often but that was a beautiful small package. Sometimes its the basics that work.

– Theres no one in TNAs X-Division better than Austin Aries. The problem with that is no one is a threat to the title. They need Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley back soon.

– Devon’s kids look like tools. (Ed. Note: I’m watching the show without sound so you won’t hear many comments about interviews or commentary.)

– This Pope/Devon feud has been going on for AT LEAST 6 months and the video package they put together only goes back to December 8th?

– That was what it was. We can only hope this is the end of this feud and the end of Devon’s kids getting TV time.

– I’m guessing this segment is Velvet Sky petitioning to be “head” of the Knockouts. Why do they even need a head of the Knockouts? Sting can only run part of the company?

– Gunner vs RVD. Cause the first match was so good.

– I guess this means RVD is off of TV for awhile. Why do I feel Mr. Anderson will be rotated in now?

– This could be a very good Knockouts match. Hopefully they worked out their timing and chemistry issues.

– TNA took the time to paint the shark cage pink and white for Madison Rayne. Wow…

– Very hard hitting, fast paced match so far.

– That was the type of match I expected from these women but the finish didn’t do them justice. At least this means we’ll probably see another match from them.

– I’m intrigued by this Monster’s Ball match. This is the brawl Abyss can shine in and Bully Ray is doing the best work of his career.

– Did the “Monster” Abyss just cross himself? That scared me more than any of the weapons around the ring.

– Cheese grater and a stapler? It’s like the concussion studies were never done.

– Oh hell, that stupid board with nails in it.

– Please tell me they’re not revisiting the Abyss/SoCal Val thing. I like her and would like seeing her on TV but the Beauty and the Beast storyline has NEVER worked with Abyss.

– Sick Rock Bottom onto the barbed wire.

– Good brawl that should have satisfied the hardcore wrestling fans while still telling a good story.

– I like how these “Taglines” just were three of the examples of what’s wrong with TNA’s tag division.

– Magnus and Joe feel more like a team in some ways than Morgan and Crimson.

– Did we really need a cut in of Abyss and Bully Ray interrupting a title match DIRECTLY after their match?

– Well it’s a good thing Matt Morgan “kicked out” when Crimson missed the save.

– Angle and Storm seem to be working pretty stiff.

– Even Angle looked shocked he hit that moonsault.

– After a while, the equaity on a move runs out and no one believes it as a finisher. The Angle Slam is one of these moves.

– Anyone else noticing the Shawn Michaels move set being by James Storm more and more?

– Robert Roode is a great natural heel. Everything he does in the ring has a vicious edge to it.

– That was more chemistry than I thought these two had. But once again we had a terrible finish. I get it, they want Roode to be the “smart” heel that’ll do anything to keep the belt. But how many fluky finishes did we have on this PPV? It’s got to stop.

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