In Package Images of McFarlane SportsPicks NBA Series 20

Here are the latest images of NBA Series 20. Check out the in package shots, as well as the Collector Level figures. These are due out in stores in February.

-Carmelo Anthony 4 (New York Knicks)
-Kobe Bryant 6 (Los Angeles Lakers)
-Kevin Durant 2 (Oklahoma City Thunder)
-Blake Griffin (Los Angeles Clippers)
-Derrick Rose 2 (Chicago Bulls)
-Dwyane Wade 3 (Miami Heat)
-John Wall (Washington Wizards)

ALL-STAR: Blake Griffin (West All-Star Team Uniform)
GOLD: Dwyane Wade 3 (El Heat Uniform)
SILVER: Kevin Durant 2 (White Uniform)
BRONZE: Derrick Rose 2 (Black Uniform)
BRONZE: Kobe Bryant 6 (Purple Uniform)

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