What’s On JOE Mind: Episode 36 (G.I. Joe Podcast)

Up and at ’em!! Break time is over soldiers and it is time to get back into the normal swing of things, or at least how WOJM goes. While it seems like forever and a day until JoeCon and the movie, we are just little a month out from Toy Fair where we will find out all the new Joe goodies we will see for the movie line. So much to talk about… So little time… This week the gang reconvines from its holiday break and is joined by IDW GI Joe artist Robert Atkins for a very informative and informal interview with the guy who was tasked to re-invent Cobra Commander. I mean HOW COOL IS THAT!? Robert also talks about school, his job, his personal collection and his upcoming appearance at Roll Out/Roll Call 3 in the UK. Speaking of Roll Out/Roll call 3, Gary announces he will be making an appearance – LOOK OUT SOUTHAMPTON!! In the news, our sponsor Kokomo Toys announces the first bit of Retaliation retail news with basic case assortment information – no idea who or what the figures will be, but its exciting news indeed. Thanks to the guys on Fighting118th.com, we get some more pics of the cancelled Tiger Force-looking TRU Jurassic Park AWE Striker. Figures.com picked GI Joe as the #1 military toy line of 2011 – this is not surprising to us, but we discuss and thump our chests while taking shots on how poorly the other 3.75″ lines compare. Last in the news, the early GIJCC newsletter are arriving and indications point to the FSS starting soon. Greg is skeptical. Its an entertaining time with Robert as we shake off the holiday haze for this latest episode of WOJM!

Next week we will be featuring YOUR LISTENER MAIL, so email us your questions, comments, suggestions or, God forbid, your complaints. Send your letters or audio files to whatsonjoemind@gmail.com or call/text us at 262-515-9656. Greg and Justin will be on assignment next week so Gary and Chuck will be joined by our substitute co-host Beach-Head Mike from JoeSightings, JoeDeclassified and JBL AND a MYSTERY co-host as our 4th, so who knows what our answers will be. But you’ll never know our answers, UNLESS YOU WRITE THE PROGRAM. SEND (or CALL or TEXT) AWAY!!

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