The Vampire Diaries 2012 Spoilers: Bonnie’s Coffin Dreams, Partnering With Stefan Against Klaus

In a recent interview, The Vampire Diaries‘ Kat Graham answered some questions about what is in store for her character, Bonnie, on the show.

With regard to her coffin dreams, she said:

“If she feels like anything is going to benefit everyone in the town or benefit Elena and their lives, she’s going to do it. When she realizes what they mean, she is going try and go after it and solve the mystery.”

She said that she will be partnering with Stefan against Klaus.

“He [Stefan] knows he’s just been off the deep end, so she’s going to be a little trepid with anything he presents to her. She’s going to want to really look into it for herself before she commits to anything,” she said. “She is going to have to face him [Klaus]. You are going to see more scenes of Klaus and Bonnie, and her having to deal with him, but it might not be in the way you’d expect. Her motive is to try and get him killed. If she is in normal Bonnie mode, then she should be OK. If she’s weakened by anything or in any way, it could make for crazy, crazy times for Bonnie.”

TVLINE | Could Bonnie find it in her heart to forgive Jeremy?
Yeah, but not forget. I’d like to see Bonnie with somebody who matches her more. Because she’s grown so much and gone through so much. I’d love to see her character with somebody who shares that. The Jamie character is perfect. Those scenes could be electric. But it depends on which way they’re writing it.



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