Spoiler: Who Returns in Ultimate Comics X-Men #6?

Over the last few issues of Ultimate Comics X-Men, it has seemed like Rogue had lost her mind and betrayed the team. She claims that god spoke to her, and led her to Stryker’s side. But in the end, she ends up betraying Stryker and killing him. She tells the other X-Men that this was God’s will.

But in the end of the issue, we quickly discover that it wasn’t actually God that had told her this. It was CHARLES XAVIER!

As a new reader to Ultimate Universe, I knew Charles was dead, but not how. According to wiki:

In the Ultimatum story arc, Charles informs all mutants that Magneto is behind the actions. Magneto confronts Charles, explaining that he believes that he shall act as God did to cleanse the world and usher in an era of mutant supremacy. When Charles states that Magneto is not God and that he will stop him as he always has in the past, Magneto then snaps Charles’s neck, killing him

There is a very cool parallel to what happened in this issue with Rogue claiming that God was speaking to her. I am usually not a fan of cheap resurrections, but it seems like this has a lot of potential for huge stories, so I am looking forward to seeing where Nick Spencer goes with this.

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