InsidePulse Wrestling’s WWE Superstars Report 1.12.12

InsidePulse Wrestling’s WWE SuperStars Report
Announcers: Scott Stanford, Josh Matthews & Matt Striker
Report by: PK

Wade Barrett vs. Yoshi Tatsu
Barrett backs Yoshi in the corner, but Yoshi slides behind Barrett & hits a kick to the side of Barrett’s head. Yoshi attempts another kick, but Barrett ducks it. Barrett starts to maul Yoshi, and then sits him in the ropes. Barrett then hits a big boot while Yoshi was in the ropes, sending Yoshi to the floor. Back in the ring, Yoshi gets a kick to the face in for a 2 count. Yoshi is then lining up for the huge Roundhouse, but Barrett sends Yoshi off the ropes, and hits the Bossman Slam (Winds of Change) for the pin.
Winner – Wade Barrett

Recap of Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show from last week’s Smackdown.

Evan Bourne vs. Michael McGillicutty
Stanford references that Bourne & Kofi took the Tag Titles away from McGillicutty & Otunga. McGillicutty keeps the match slow. Bourne fights out of headlock, then hits a series of kicks for a 2 count. Bourne goes to the apron to start for the SSP, but McGillicutty holds on to his foot, then sends Bourne to the floor. McGillicutty gets Bourne back in the ring, and ground & pounds Bourne. McGillicutty goes for a side slam, but Bourne turns into it for a 2 count. Bourne then fires up with a couple of kicks, and then the double knees off the top rope for 2. Both men are slow to get up, and McGillicutty hits a Siato Suplex for 2. McGillicutty sends Bourne to the apron, then charges, but Bourne hits a kick to the side of the head, following it up with the SSP for the pin.
Winner – Bourne

Promo for Big Show vs. Daniel Bryan for this week’s SmackDown.

Kelly Kelly vs. Brie Bella (w/ Nikki Bella)
And this is your Superstars Main Event…ugh. Kelly hits a Lou Theiz off the top rope, then a super leg scissors. Kelly then uses the Stink Face. The ref then backs Kelly back off of Brie, only for Nikki to pull Twin Magic, and then roll up Kelly for the pin.
Winner – Brie (Nikki) Bella

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