Buffy The Vampire Spoilers: Growing Up Is Hard To Do

It all starts with Slayer dreams; the kind Buffy has been having since waaaayyyyyyy back in the day. Fans of the show know what I mean, the bandaged up African girl. So she appears again to tell Buffy that she is not the Slayer. Her broken scythe is in a trash heap behind an army of Zompires, and she needs to lift it Sword in the Stone style.

But the person talking to her is a little fairy impersonating the First Slayer, apparently, which brings Willow into the equation. She sits to watch as Buffy goes back into the dream, finding out that it’s both the fairy and the First Slayer. The fairy sought out Buffy thinking that she was anĀ impostor, not realizing that the girl she presumed to be Buffy was one of the many Buffy doubles from season eight. Now the messages combine though, and it becomes clear enough that Buffy needs to undo the damage she dealt to the world by destroying the seed. However…she isn’t the one to remove the scythe, that’s not her place.

It’s Willow’s, and in order to do so, Will has to go away so that she can bring magic back to the world. Leaving Buffy without her best friend for the undeterminted future.

On top of that….Buffy isn’t the Slayer anymore. Sure, she still has Slayer powers and abilities, and when push comes to shove she is A Slayer, but…she’s not a girl anymore. This isn’t her place.

She’s going to be a mom.

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