Newbury’s ROH Roundup: Ring of Honor Brings the News!

About a week ago, I got asked to write some ROH news if I was sent the news. I forgot that I actually said yes to that question.

So, I got this press release, and I don’t really have a clue what to do with it. It just sat there in the inbox cold lookin’ at me for a couple days like it wanted to start some drama. ROH can’t put on an entertaining wrestling show, how are they going to put on an entertaining press release?

Subject: ROH Newswire- January 10th (Philly & Norfolk Updates)

Just so you know the game, folks. Philly and Norfolk! ROH Press Release in bold, myself in not-bold.

-Thank you to all of the fans in Baltimore who attended our TV Taping last Saturday at the Du Burns Arena. We rocked the house and plan on doing it again on February 4th. Don’t miss the hottest wrestling going today live and in person! To purchase tickets for our Baltimore return please click here (!

Hey! That’s not Norfolk!

Rocked. The. House!

I half expected that line about “live and in person” to read “live and in color.” Their television show is barely in color.

But, hey, this BOLD 1987 style network syndication policy seems to have brought them up to clearances in 25% of the country. So, they’ve got that going for them.

-“The Homecoming 2012″ on January 20th in Philadelphia, PA will be a very special night and we can now confirm that Steve Corino will give a special in ring interview regarding 2011 and his future plans for 2012. Corino is still recovering from injuries suffered at “Final Battle 2011″ and it will be very interesting to see what Corino has to say.

He’ll probably just read off some shit he put on his Twitter.

– Announced yesterday (, it will be “That Young Knockout Kid” Chris Hero vs. “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin at “The Homecoming 2012″ on January 20th in Philadelphia, PA. This is the first time that these men have faced off in ROH and it is sure to be a hard hitting battle.

Hard hitting battle is implied in that it is the only fucking thing ROH does. Unless this just means that instead of 25 elbows, Hero is going to try for 62.

– Two big matches have been signed today for January 20th as well! The first pits WGTT against Future Shock in a rematch of their “Gateway To Honor” match-up.  Both teams are looking to establish themselves in the title picture in 2012 and a victory at this highly-anticipated event is certainly the way to start. For more info click here (

Yeah, the team that just lost the belts like 2 weeks ago definitely needs to “ESTABLISH themselves in the title picture” by getting a victory over a team with an awful name.

– The second match signed for “The Homecoming 2012″ is a Proving Ground Match as Hallowicked & Jigsaw, representing CHIKARA Pro, return to ROH for the first time in years to battle the ROH World Tag Team Champions Jay & Mark Briscoe! Can this team of outsiders prove themselves worthy in PA?  Read here ( for more details!

Solid idea. Team up with CHIKARA, why not. Is this a sign that ROH realizes they are boring as shit and not diverse enough? Probably not. Jim Cornette probably led off that call to Quackenbush with some variation of, “want me to give your boys a little shine?”

– Also at “The Homecoming 2012″, both The Briscoes & Chris Hero will be available for a special Meet & Greet prior to the show make sure you’re there early and don’t miss out on this opportunity!


-There will also be a special Meet & Greet Autograph Session the next night in Norfolk, VA with Current ROH World Champion Davey Richards and Current ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal. Don’t miss your chance to meet 2 ROH Champions in one night! Special 8 x 10 photos will be available for purchase. Don’t miss Ring of Honor at the Norfolk Scope Arena (Exhibition Hall) on January 21st and get your tickets here (!

I get the WWE doing these things, I mean, they have little kids who want autographs and meet wrestlers. Is this seriously something the ROH fan base would get behind?

– In other Norfolk news, the undefeated “Dominant Male” Tommaso Ciampa has signed to appear on January 21st with The Embassy. Word has it that Prince Nana has new investors that have pumped MORE money into Nana’s Embassy. The new investors have a vested interest in Nana getting everything he needs in order to take Ciampa to the top. We will have more on this soon.

Wow, what the hell would the show have done without this average strong dude that doesn’t have a ton of presence in the ring? What are the things Ciampa needs to take him to the top, though?

1. Not being Tomasso Ciampa.

Also, just signed for Norfolk, the battle of the Bostonians as Eddie Edwards & Mike Bennett collide in a rematch of the “Survival of the Fittest 2011″ Qualifying bout!  For all the details, and some words from Edwards, click here (!

Are there really people out there that said, “no way, I can actually get to hear Eddie SPEAK!” and then clicked this link? I don’t know why they would want people to hear Edwards speak, but if for some reason they are set on their fans listening to him and being driven away, why not at least lead into the link with something like: “here’s a clip of Eddie Edwards singing ‘Party in the USA’ by Miley Cyrus.”

–Ring of Honor would like to wish Harlem & Lancelot Bravado all the luck in the world as they embark on an extended stay in Japan with Pro Wrestling NOAH today. Their 3 month tour begins on January 15th at the historical Korakuen Hall where Lancelot faces off with the legendary Yoshinobu Kanemaru.

3 months of no Bravado Brothers in ROH?


–Ring of Honor is pleased to announce that we have hired a lovely new locker room interviewer/reporter. She will debut very soon on television as well as the ROH Video Wire.

Fantastic. It better be LOW-KI.

–Ring of Honor is excited to announce the first list of talent for our Cincinnati debut on February 17th.

Baby, if you’ve ever wondered,
Wondered whatever became of me,
I’m living on the air in Cincinnati,
Cincinnati, WKRP.

Got kind of tired packing and unpacking,
Town to town and up and down the dial
Maybe you and me were never meant to be,
But baby think of me once in awhile.

I’m at WKRP in Cincinnati..

Current ROH World Champion Davey Richards, Current ROH World Television Champion Jay Lethal, Current ROH World Tag Team Champions Mark & Jay Briscoe, The House of Truth (Roderick Strong & “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin) with Truth Martini, Future Shock (Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly), and “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards have all signed to appear.

Unfortunately Johnny Fever will not be in the building. Tatanka RSVPd, but, they think he might just be playing games with them. As always, Jim Cornette has Ricky Morton on stand by.

Keep an eye on for more details as we get closer to our Ohio return, and don’t forget that you can catch “Ring of Honor Wrestling” every Saturday at 10PM & Sunday at 12AM on our local Cincinnati affiliate, WSTR My-64! Tickets for our debut at the Cincinnati Masonic Center can be purchased here (

But, don’t purchase them now. Wait until they have a sale! They always have a sale!

–Congratulations to the winners of the 2011 ROH Year End Awards. To see all of the winners please click here (

Let me guess, the ROH awards thought Davey Richards had a good year of “technical” wrestling?

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