’s Quick Quips: Raw 1.16.12

– I’m a little surprised Foley wants to be in the Rumble. I’m sure WWE realized they don’t have enough names for the match. That’s way they made it clear that guys in other matches on the card can be in the Rumble itself.

– Vickie Guerrero makes Mick Foley look young.

– Did Foley get taller or did Dolph forget his lifts?

– With that one little comment from Punk, it’s pretty much certain we’re seeing Punk vs Jericho at WrestleMania. I still don’t believe Jericho is winning the Rumble though. He doesn’t need the boost and the Smackdown scene could desperately use it.

– Rosa is the brains? That must suck.

– Good tease for the main event after a good showcase for the new tag champions.

– If Zack Ryder is such a big wrestling fan, would he realize that Eve is kind of like career poison (Truth/Cryme Time)?n

– Love WWE’s graphics people. A video package like that isn’t easy to execute.

– Eve looking good tonight.

– Not even a full month reign for Ryder. Told you about Eve.

– “Shut your mouth!” Some balls from Ace.

– At least we only have to deal with Hilton as a ring announcer and not a referee.

– Another completely pointless Diva’s segment.

– Mr. Belding sighting behind Lawler and Cole.

– John Cena fans must be loving the new R-Truth. I mean, they have the same sense of humor.

– Miz & Sheamus together make up two-thirds of the Irish national flag.

– This new Sheamus is going to fun in the Rumble. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a Diesel-like run, despite what we saw tonight.

– Why would Swagger have to wrestle twice? He didn’t force Ryder into the match. He just showed up at his scheduled time and lucked out.

– This is the most passionate Cena has been in a year and it’s all because of Jack Swagger?!?

– Well that’s ONE way to book your new US champion…

– You would think after 14 years, Kane and the tech guy would be synced up with the pyro cue by now.

– Brodus Clay kind of does look like a dinosaur. Don’t really like his raptor dance though.

– Ok I didn’t need that slo-mo shot.

– I think AJ is the only Diva shorter than Bryan. Their relationship makes so much more sense now.

– Check out Daniel Bryan standing toe to toe (character-wise) with the Big Show. It’s about time.

– At least Bryan’s heel character is different from what we expected and from what EVERY other heel on the roster portrays.

– Damn, I thought we’d get long tights Jericho back.

– Did they seriously stop Jericho’s music, introduce the heels and then start his up again? I wish I was in the arena for that.

– You think the casual fan realizes that Punk is the only true baby face in this match?

– That was fantastic. At least Jericho is bringing something original to the WWE.

– Brian Pillman would be jealous of Ziggler’s tights tonight.

– My wife just made a good point, Daniel Bryan and Mark Henry never tagged out. So all of this is moot.

– Mick’s a BIT blown up. The Rumble should be interesting.

– Awesome, awesome promo from Punk. Reminded me a lot of his ROH work. I could see Punk losing the belt because of a screwjob and then going on to win the Rumble. That would be a great story.

– Well that was a Mr. McMahon promo if I ever heard one. Not bad though.

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