What’s On JOE Mind: Episode 37 (G.I. Joe Podcast)

Man oh man, this was “one of those” types of episodes. With Greg gone, the mice could play and they stacked on a very ambitious schedule of YOUR listener mail to review. Justin missed most of the fun too as he spent the evening with his boss – read into that however you want, we just know it involved dinner and a movie! So with the programs two steady “rocks” gone, we called upon our pinch hitting host Beach-Head Mike and friend of the program James Kavanaugh, Jr to fill in for the absent hosts. This also made Chuck #2…host that is. Little did Chuck know that every time he made a joke, he was a corney #2 {rimshot}. Anyway, also on hand from the GCRN was TFOMG1 Mike…, er, we mean SkelatorMike, wait no…JediMike…no…oh, LEADER-1 Mike. We talked to Mike about how he got started in podcasting and long with some tips for you starters out there who may be thinking about doing a podcast of your own. Of course, as co-founder of the GCRN, he also give us the 2012 outlook; of which we know What’s on JOE Mind will play a big role. In your letters we touched on several topics, such as how many figures we own, how many vehicles we own, thoughts on Retaliation, the FSS and GIJoe-Transformers comics. In the news, it is possible that Sideshow may make Gary a VERY happy collector and POSSIBLY release his favorite character – but no firm news yet. Our friend Mark Cheng of Operation Red Retrieval posted his deleted scenes and alternate ending to his fanfilm. Lastly the club sends out an update on the FSS and the fandom doesn’t react as we thought they would. The gang explores why. This IS our longest podcast ever, HOWEVER, if you require more length, be sure to monitor our Facebook page for some WOJM FB Exclusive outtakes. Just like a great steakhouse, WOJM only grills you up ONLY the choice cuts of the meat. All this, plus you can hear Mike this time, AND MORE on THIS episode of WOJM!

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