Bone On Sale on Comixology Until January 19, 2012

Cartoon Books announced this morning that they were putting all issues and all trades of Bone on sale. The single issues are 99 cents each, and the trades are all $4-$6 each. This is a great deal! Bone is one of my favorite series. In fact, I basically read the big Bone One Volume is one sitting over a weekend I was supposed to be moving into my apartment. It’s got fantasy, action, and a lot of humor. Plus quiche.

Bone really is one of the masterpieces of comics, so check it out:

Bone 1 – Free
Bone 2 – 55 – $0.99

Bone Vol. 1: Out of Boneville (1-6) – $3.99
Bone Vol. 2: The Great Cow Race (7-11) – $3.99
Bone Vol. 3: Eyes of the Storm (12-19) – $5.99
Bone Vol. 4: The Dragon Slayer (20-27)- $5.99
Bone Vol. 5: Rock Jaw Master of the Eastern Border (28-32) – $3.99
Bone Vol. 6: Old Man’s Cave (33-37) – $3.99
Bone Vol. 7: Ghost Circles (38-43) – $4.99
Bone Vol. 8: Treasure Hunters (44-49) – $4.99
Bone Vol. 9: Crown of Horns (50-55) – $4.99

Side note: Marvel had a great Young Avengers/Secret Avengers sale yesterday. BUT, since Marvel doesn’t give any advance notice on the one day sales, by the time I get the story and get it edited, formatted, and posted, the sale is already over, so it’s not worth posting.

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