Jim Ross Blog: JR on Evan Bourne’s Suspension, CM Punk / Dolph Ziggler Raw Promos and WWE Legends House

Jim Ross’ latest blog entry takes a look at the opening and closing Raw promos, Evan Bourne’s latest suspension and WWE Legends House, among other things:

JR on CM Punk’s end of Raw promo:

Raw from Anaheim had some stellar moments headlined by the Austin-esque promo by CM Punk directed at the interim Raw GM. The words of @cmpunk felt organic and genuine which always resonate better with the live audience and the TV viewer.

It is promos like these that helps a talent emotionally connect with the fan whether they be fan favorite or villain. It’s too bad that more talents don’t fully grasp the importance of ‘owning’ their promos.

JR on Dolph Ziggler’s opening Raw promo:

Dolph Ziggler also had a meaningful promo at the beginning of RAW and continue to elevate his TV persona. It could be argued that Ziggler is only a significant match or two away from taking his game definitively to the next level specifically if those high level bouts have the time to mature and tell a compelling story.

That may be what we get at the Royal Rumble in St. Louis between WWE Champ Punk and challenger Ziggler. I look for these two to tear down the house in St Louis which is nearing sellout status.

JR on Evan Bourne’s Second WWE Wellness Policy Violation:

“Thoughts on Evan Bourne’s 2nd Wellness Suspension from WWE?” Obviously unfortunate for the talent. Two strikes are never good but I want to make it clear that I know zero details and only what I have read on WWE.com regarding this matter. Nonetheless, this matter is being taken seriously as it should be and is terribly perplexing why a talent would travel the same road again.

JR on WWE Legends House (with a little jab at proponents of a Wrestler’s Union):

“Am I looking forward to watching ‘Legends House’ the new WWE produced reality show that is apparently going to air in 2012 on the WWE Network?” Without question and when several grumpy, older, alpha males becoming house mates, long time advocates of a wrestler’s union will see why a wrestler’s union will never, ever happen. I see ‘train wreck’ written all over this show especially when one considers the fact that the people chosen will be in the same house, isolated apparently from their loved ones, for likely 4-6 weeks. Being a reality show fan, I see amazing potential in this concept.

The blog post also addresses the Kane-Cena saga, Undertaker not being retired, JR’s opinion of Mick Foley wrestling a few more times for WWE, and more.

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Source: JR's Blog

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