CB’s Slant: Impact Wrestling Snapshot Recap, Results and Comments for Thursday 1.19.12

Opening Promo: James Storm and Jeff Hardy both want title shots, Storm for beating Angle last week, Hardy for always getting screwed over by Roode. Bobby Roode comes out and says NO, but Sting ruins that idea and makes Storm vs. Jeff for #1 contender.

CB: Roode’s playing the smart heel very well. His reason for not granting a title shot to Storm was a slick one, as Bobby said Storm would have had a title shot against the winner of last week’s match between Roode and Hardy. Since that was a No Contest, no title shot. I like that logic.

–Gunner (w/ Ric Flair) beats AJ Styles as Kazarian does Daniels’ bidding again by clotheslining AJ from the ring apron when ref wasn’t looking. Gunner tries to drop AJ onto the exposed concrete after the match but AJ escapes through the crowd.

CB: What’s the leverage Daniels holds on Kaz? I’m intrigued.

–Backstage Magnus calls Crimson a meathead and they talk smack before their match tonight.

–Backstage Bully Ray asks Sting for a “fav-ah” as Ray wants a title shot. Sting says no dice and tells Ray to stop interfering in matches and to make an appointment next time. “AN APPOINTMENT?!”, Ray shouts.

CB: This was done really well as Bully Ray continues to shine as a heel. I think a major singles title run is in his future, which is absolutely amazing on his part at this stage of Ray’s career.

–Crimson beats Magnus, Joe attacks Crimson from behind afterward, and even after Morgan runs down Magnus and Joe maintain the upper hand and leave the tag champs laying down in the ring.

–Garrett Bischoff training package, brother!

–Mickie James beats Madison Rayne in the pre-hyped Steel Cage match. Mickie looked dominant and then celebrated with Tara and Velvet backstage.

CB: Solid showing for Mickie and Madison, as they went for about 12 or 13 minutes. Good effort from the Knockouts here.

–After some backstage clips of Austin Aries, Aries comes to the ring and claims yet again he has no competition. Alex Shelley returns from his hiatus to confront Aries, and they have a very entertaining exchange. If Shelley beats an X Division wrestler of Aries’ choosing, he gets a title match with Aries at Against All Odds.

CB: Shelley and Aries were both awesome here. I hope Alex does big things for TNA in 2012.

–Eric Young and Angelina Love are set to square off next. Shennanigans with Winter and ODB ensue and Winter keeps whipping on ODB. Young makes the save and after clearing the ring ODB and EY make out.

–Main event: James Storm and Jeff Hardy ends in another no contest as Bully Ray takes matters into his own hands yet again and whips Storm and Hardy with his trusty chain. Roode then lands some cheap shots and smugly announces the no contest result, reaffirming his slickness from the show open.

CB: This show had a good flow, was logically booked, and actually had continuity. I’m getting tired of all the no contests that have permeated TNA and WWE lately, and that’s why the Knockouts cage match really stood out. With no interference and a clean finish, Mickie and Madison are this week’s scene-stealers.

That’s all from me — CB.

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