UFC on FX 1: Guillard vs. Miller Live Results and Play by Play

Hey fight fans, tonight from Nashville, Tennessee, the UFC will present a stacked card in their debut on the FX network. In the main event of the evening, lightweights Melvin Guillard and Jim Miller meet with a chance to insert themselves back into title contention.

Our live coverage begins at 6 PM EST with the FUEL TV preliminary broadcast, with the main card beginning live at 9 PM EST. Join us for all the fights LIVE from the Bridgestone Arena!

Jon Anik and Kenny Florian will make their debut as an announcing team together and Anik sounds like a million bucks. Really looking forward to seeing how well they work together over the next 5 hours.

Joseph Sandoval vs. Nick Denis

Round 1 – The bantamweights open the card this evening and in Nick Denis’ UFC debut. Big leather is being thrown by both fighters. Denis grabs Sandoval in a muay thai clinch and levels him with three big elbows to the temple to drop him with the knockout.

Winner: Nick Denis by knockout (R1, elbows, 0:22)

Daniel Pineda vs. Pat Schilling

Round 1 – Both featherweight fighters will be making their debuts in UFC tonight and, according to their records, these guys have no interest in going to the judges.

Double jab from Pineda. Leg kicks from both fighters are the same time. Glancing right from Pineda. Pineda presses forward and gets a big takedown, working into full mount. Schilling gives up his back, but is eating big punches. Daniel Pineda gets a rear naked choke as his opponent stands back up. Schilling falls back to the mat and Pineda gets the submission victory as Pineda tightens the choke.

Winner: Daniel Pineda by submission (R1, rear naked choke, 1:37)

Backstage, Nick Denis meets with Ariel Helwani. Denis talks his gameplan and how he wanted to get Sandoval off his game. Turns out that Denis was working on his PhD before he became a mixed martial artist.

Fabrício Camões vs. Tommy Hayden

Round 1 – Camoes is returning to UFC after a 2-year absence. He’s also 9-1-1 over his last 11, so he’s on a nice streak. Leg kick from Camoes is the first contact of the fight. Three takedown attempts from Camoes are all stuffed by Hayden. Hayden gets the back of Camoes, but Fabricio tries to lock on a kimura. Big kick over the top by Camoes. Hayden eats a knee but takes Camoes down and lands an elbow before stepping away. Hayden lands a nice takedown on Camoes and the two scramble. Camoes is on his back and searches for an omoplata. Hayden stands up and slides free, but Camoes sweeps Tommy and ends up on top. Camoes throws long strikes that connect on Hayden, who tries to get free, but Camoes gets his back. Camoes gets a rear naked choke and earns the tap after some momentary confusion.

Winner: Fabricio Camoes by submission (R1, rear naked choke, 4:03)

Daniel Pineda is backstage with the Mean Gene Okerlund of UFC on FX, Ariel Helwani, and they discuss the intricacies of match he just had. He looked surprisingly calm for his first UFC bout and was pretty impressive.

After the commercial break, Ariel Helwani is backstage, talking about his conversation with Charlie Brenneman on Thursday. He thinks he has the perfect style to give Daniel Roberts fits and is eager for the opportunity to show that. Damn, Helwani is rocking the hell out of that suit.

Charlie Brenneman vs. Daniel Roberts

Round 1 – Right from Brenneman connects. Daniel Roberts counters with a big right of his own that hurts Brenneman, but Charlie takes him down hard and walks him to the center of the cage, not letting Roberts up. Brenneman gets to side mount and slips Roberts’ right arm between his legs. Caught in crucifix, Roberts eats tons of short blows, but Brenneman gives up the position. Big knee to the body absorbed by Roberts. Brenneman is dominating the work on the ground so far. Roberts gets Brenneman back into his full guard. Roberts gets back to his feet with Brenneman holding on tight. The round ends with Brenneman getting another takedown. 10-9 Brenneman

Round 2 – Head kick from Roberts is blocked by Brenneman. Body kick from “Ninja” is caught by Brenneman, but he immediately shoots for the takedown. Roberts works a guillotine, but Brenneman escapes into half guard. Brenneman is getting the best of the grappling thus far. Brenneman is working for the crucifix and looks to finish. He’s smothering Roberts on the mat. Out of full guard, Roberts begins working for an omoplata but Herb Dean stands both fighters up after a short period of inactivity. Brenneman throws a short takedown. Roberts gets a kimura switch into a full armbar. Brenneman defends an inverted triangle with 20 seconds to go and slips through to round 3 – 10-9 Brenneman

Round 3 – Brenneman gets a takedown to start the round and, like clockwork, works the short punches on the mat. Roberts has gotten stuck in a crucifix again after getting free of it 30 seconds earlier. Roberts is just being beat on, but the damage just isn’t showing. Herb Dean barks for the fighters to work which they appear to be doing with all this grappling. Roberts earns a reprieve and is back on his feet. “Ninja” shoots in for a takedown himself which Brenneman stuffs. Back into full guard, Brenneman batters the mid-section of Roberts. Roberts has a grip on a nasty kimura with Brenneman’s arm fully extended out and stretched out at a gross angle. Brenneman, however, is able to ride out the last 10 seconds of the round in what could have been a miraculous comeback for Roberts. 10-9 Brenneman on our scorecard with a 30-27 win for Charlie Brenneman.

Winner: Charlie Brenneman by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Kamal Shalorus vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov

Round 1 – Nurmagomedov misses on two early punches in his US debut. The two fighters clinch up against the fence and Nurmagomedov eats a knee to the body. Head kick from Shalorus is blocked. Shalorus is stalking the 16-0 Nurmagomedov. Flying knee is avoided by Shalorus. Left hand connects from Nurmagomedov. Two kicks land on Nurmagomedov. Big punch drops Shalorus and his opponent swarms, raining down strikes as Shalorus just looks to survive. Nurmagomedov gets to side mount, but Shalorus works free and the two swing sloppily on their feet. Both fighters appear to regain their composure and connect as the round works to its conclusion. 10-9 Nurmagomedov

Round 2 – Nurmagomedov paces before the round starts, looking tired already. Inside leg kick from Shalorus. Single leg takedown from Nurmagomedov, who stacks Shalorus against the cage. Nurmagomedov works some ground and pound on Shalorus. Mario Yamasaki stands the fighters up and the battle resumes in the center of the Octagon. Single leg takedown on Shalorus and he’s down on his back again. Good minute of grappling from both fighters before the ref stands them up again. Right hands connect for Nurmagomedov. Three quick punches from Nurmagomedov connect. 10-9 Nurmagomedov

Round 3 – Shalorus has no idea what round this is. Not a good sign. The round opens with Kamal stalking Nurmagomedov around the cage. Shalorus gets after a single leg but doesn’t get the finish on it. Several good punches from Nurmagomedov set up a takedown which Shalorus tries to counter with a guillotine. Nurmagomedov gets over into mount on Shalorus, takes his back and gets a rear naked choke for the submission win.

Winner: Khabib Nurmagomedov by submission (R1, rear naked choke, 2:08)

We found out earlier tonight that Jorge Rivera will be making his final appearance in UFC this evening. Sad day for us, as we interviewed him in February of 2011. Great guy who the crew of Inside Fights wishes nothing but the best to.

Jorge Rivera vs. Eric Schafer

Round 1 – Two punches from Rivera glance off the face of Schafer, who gets a body lock takedown. Eric Schafer takes side control, but Jorge gets him back into half guard. Great reversal from Rivera who gets back to his feet against cage. Single leg takedown on Jorge Rivera. Big punches from Schafer as River tries to escape. Schafer tries to get the back of Jorge Rivera, who defends it well and reverses the position late in the round. Schafer locks in an omoplata on Rivera and lands some elbows to the thigh as the round concludes. 10-9 Schafer

Round 2 – Rivera pushes forward, but cannot connect. Schafer grabs the single, but Rivera hops free of the takedown. Rivera stings Schafer with a big shot after he escapes a single and Schafer goes down against the fence. He pounces on Schafer and begins to hammer away with big punches. Big time pressure from “El Conquistador” as he earns the TKO stoppage in his final fight.

Winner: Jorge Rivera by TKO (R2, strikes, 1:31)

Pat Barry vs. Christian Morecraft

Round 1 – Morecraft comes out early with some strikes that miss. Morecraft catches a leg kick and ends up on top of Barry. “HD” gets back to his feet and lands a stiff jab. Morecraft shoots in for a takedown and gets mounted. Arm triangle attempt by Morecraft is avoided by Barry. Barry avoids an armbar with some great submission defense. Head kick grazes Morecraft. Big left hook by Pat Barry puts Christian Morecraft on his back. Four long shots from Barry put Morecraft to sleep.

Winner: Pat Barry by knockout (R1, strikes, 3:38)

Mike Easton vs. Jared Papazian

Round 1 – The 23-year old Papazian has 8 wins out of his last 9 fights. Jared sat down with us on “MMA 24/7” recently and he wants to make a good first impression, surely.

Half thai clinch and these guys “Don Frye” it up. Easton gets Papazian against the fence. Papazian with a short elbow that opens the space he needs to reverse position. Knee to the head from the outside of the clinch lands on Papazian. Mario Yamasaki breaks the fighters up off the cage. Both fighters exchange outside leg kicks. Two hooks miss over the top from Papazian. Big combo lands on the head of Easton. Left hand lands for Easton after a jab connects for his opponent. Easton goes for a spinning back kick that partially lands and Papazian lands a punch to counter. Nasty leg kick connects from Easton. To end the round, the fighters once again half muay thai clinch and hammer way. 10-9 Easton

Round 2 – Right from Papazian lands as Easton slaps a hard leg kick in. Left lands from “The Hulk”. Jared Papazian goes for an uppercut and Easton is momentarily backed up by it. Both fighters trade. Leg kick from Easton is followed by a straight. After a period of battle on the fence, the ref steps in and separates the fighters. Two punches land for Papazian before he steps out of the pocket. Short shot from Easton, but “The Hulk” ends up on the fence. Trip takedown by Easton as he works into side control. Papazian is able to work back to his feet. The fighters exchange blows with ten seconds to go. Papazian shoots for a takedown but it’s reversed by Easton, who ends up on top. 10-9 Easton

Round 3 – Great start to the third round – good combination striking from both competitors. Easton misses a leg kick and Papazian counters. Body shot from Easton. Both fighters step in close for two minutes of solid striking. Lots of accurate punches from Papazian with Easton throwing more power. Easton gets a trip and grabs a muay thai clinch. The crowd screams for knees but Papazian against the cage. Big series of punches from both fighters. Papazian shoots for a takedown to end the fight after an intense slugfest and ends the round pressing him hard against the fence. 10-9 Papazian with Easton taking the decision 29-28 for Easton

Winner: Mike Easton by majority decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-29)

Duane Ludwig vs. Josh Neer

Round 1 – “Bang” Ludwig catches Neer as he comes forward as he lands the first significant strike of the first round. Neer gets “Bang” against the fence, but they separate and both fighters fire blows. Knees and punches to the body seem to be the tactic for “Bang” tonight and it is working. He’s definitely hurting Josh, but Neer catches a kick and sweeps the other leg to get on top of Ludwig. Ludwig tries to scramble free, but Neer catches him in a very tight guillotine and Ludwig goes to sleep before he has time to tap.

Winner: Josh Neer by submission (R1, guillotine, 3:04)

Melvin Guillard vs. Jim Miller

Round 1 – Good exchange from both fighters, but nothing lands. Two flying knees from Melvin Guillard. Jim Miller is rocked by a knee and uppercut, so he tries for a takedown. Guillard tries to hammer on Jim, but Miller gets his feet back under him. Right hand lands for Melvin. Guillard throws another knee that Jim Miller times perfect and gets to the back of Melvin. Jim Miller presses for the rear naked choke and gets it. The tap comes shortly thereafter.

Winner: Jim Miller by submission (R1, rear naked choke, 2:04)

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