’s Quick Quips: Impact Wrestling 1.19.12


– So the same show that used to have a guy screaming “asshole” every thirty seconds can now no longer even say “ass”?

– Imagine if a wrestling show actually started with a wrestling match.

– Check out Taz actually giving us the history of Ric Flair and AJ Styles.

– The reaction for Styles at the house show last week was incredible. Just another example of how disenchanted and disconnected the Impact Zone crowd is.

– I’m praying for someone to come along who can execute a DDT like Jake Roberts did.

– Why wouldn’t security be on call for Gunner’s matches? They made a point numerous times in this match that he’s sent 4 different guys to the hospital.

– Taz just called Crimson “damn near 7 foot”. Magnus is only about an inch shorter.

– Those were some of the worst punches I’ve ever seen by everyone. Good showcase at the end for Joe and Magnus though. This tag team has been a very happy accident.

– I’m enjoying EY and ODB. Young has to lose the Grizzly Redwood beard though.

– The Garrett Bischoff “Rocky” montages are a smart move. He might have paid his dues but these at least show he’s training. My guess is that Hogan’s his “trainer”.

– Has Mickie James been involved in every Knockouts cage match since it’s inception? She’s becoming to cage matches as Undertaker is to Casket matches.

– TNA’s cage has grown on me since they debuted it. It’s different from WWE’s and you can get cleaner shots for TV. Still miss “Big Blue” though.

– That was a great Knockouts match. Best of the last 6 months easily.

– Well that was strange. It was like the women didn’t know this was going to be in TV.

– It’s about damn time we have Alex Shelley back. He, Aries and Sorenson had a great match at the house show so it looks like Shelley’s ready to go full board.

– Good match with another horrible finish. I know where they’re going with this and this won’t seem so bad in the long run. But TNA has so many years of these crappy finishes that people are going to be more annoyed & turned off by them than to be patient and see how this story plays out. Not the best show especially since the last few weeks have been decent.

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