CB’s Open Mic: American Idol Recap: Season 11, Episode 5 (Galveston, Texas Auditions)

Welcome to another edition of CB’s Open Mic and another American Idol Recap.

Tonight’s auditions take place deep in the heart of Galveston, Texas.

–Fun Fact: Galveston, Texas is a mere 5 hour and 15 minute drive from Burleson, Texas, which is Kelly Clarkson’s hometown. Therefore, let’s see if Galveston can produce top contender material <— I’d much prefer that to Aspen’s Anything But Magic Cyclopse.

As Michael Bolton once said to the Lonely Island boys before singing about Jack Sparrow, “Let’s get to it…”

 The first 12 minutes are not helping…Nothing like dedicating the first 12 minutes of an audition episode to a dude from the Space Station opening the show, Phong Vu singing like he was just transported from outer space into Galveston, and then getting a video package of more awful auditions that make me wish I didn’t start watching until right … about … now!

Skylar Laine, 17, Hell on Heels — God I love the corniness of country song lyrics, don’t believe me? Listen to this!

So that was the song that Skylar Laine sang, and she sounded as sweet as sugar on a cinnamon bun. Skylar Laine gets fast-tracked to Hollywood.

Hungry for S’mores? During this commercial break or at least after the show, I encourage you to check out the S’mores American Idol Radio Show right here. Our first new episode for Season 11 is coming next week, but we have our full archives for you to scour in the meantime!

FAN BASE ALERT! BAYLIE BROWN, 21, Bed of Roses — Oh Baylie, how I missed you so! For once, I am ECSTATIC that they showed someone’s Idol backstory. There is NOT ONE Idol contestant who EVER got screwed over during Hollywood’s Group Round more than Baylie did when she was 16. I still shudder when I think of Antonella Barba making it through over her, and I am so happy to see Baylie back in the Idol fold. The easiest ALL CAPS YES of the season.

And that’s followed up by…

–Kristine Osario, 28–…another amazing female singer for Baylie to contend with. Kristine was fantastic here, and all I wanted after her audition ended was to a) see it again; and b) to hear her sing another song. Kristine kills it on the audition stage and earns a golden ticket.

J-Lo vs. the boys club…I must say, J-Lo hasn’t been my favorite judge, but she was SPOT ON here. Every single person she said yes to, I liked. And that last girl Linda Williams, well, she was awful at best and nowhere near as good as the women Randy and Steven rejected, most notably Cheyenne James … Exhibit A:

Day 2 in Texas begins after a million commercials right now!

–Cortez Shaw, 20, Someone Like You–If you told me some dude was going to cover ADELE and do well, I would say HELL NO. But man, Cortez Shaw just proved me wrong — he gambled big and won bigger, and I love that. Cortez is all in. 

Ramiro Garcia, 28, Amazing Grace–I was worried that Idol wasn’t going to have much talent this season, but Texas delivered the goods and Ramiro gave us a rich, heartfelt vocal that oozed passion and accessibility. Unanimous YES to close the night.

And that’s all from me, too.

Until next time — CB.

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