Images of New DC Direct Figures (Dark Knight Rises, New 52, Batman Arkham City)

At this weeks UK Toy Fair, it looks as if some new DC Direct figures were shown off in a catalog. Here are some scans from that catalog.

New 52:
-Batman (May)
-Green Lantern (June)
-Aquaman (June)
-The Flash (August)
-Wonder Woman (October)
-Cyborg (October)
-Superman (January 2013)

Batman Arkham City Series 3:
-Clown Thug
-Ra’s Al Ghul
-The Penguin

Batman Arkham City Deluxe
-Mr. Freeze
-Titan Joker
-Killer Croc

Dark Knight Rises Series 1

We will see many more of these at the US Toy Fair in just a few weeks!

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