10 Thoughts on TNA IMPACT WRESTLING 01.26.12 – Alex Shelley, Zema Ion, Tara, ODB, Eric Young, Winter

Reviewing the 1/26/12 episode of IMPACT WRESTLING…

1. I can’t say enough how much of a lucky man Eric Young is to be in the ring with the beautiful Winter, who looked like she got a breast splash from behind on EY during the match before he took his pants off and eventually locked her in an airplane spin(kudos to Winter for taking off her chain belt so EY didn’t get whipped in the face) near the end of the match. I’m jealous. TNA seems be getting good mileage out of this feud. Although, it would be a nice touch to have Winter bring in Paul Burchill to attack EY at some point. EY and ODB have great chemistry and it’s really great to see ODB back to her old persona where she really looks comfortable, having fun and utilizing her charisma. That stretch with her and Jackie vs. Velvet Sky was painful to watch and definitely was sucking the life out of her character. Much like James Storm drinking before his match, not sure of the message sent when we see someone “supposedly” using liquid courage before and during a match in what is supposed to be a sanctioned sports contest. Shouldn’t that be grounds for a DQ? I don’t know about the ladies, but in a legitimate wrestling contest, I’d have a problem wrestling a buzzed or drunk James Storm. I’m sure ladies wouldn’t want to wrestle a potential sloppy ODB either. They need a Straight Edge/Right to Censor like heat generating heel to ban alcohol during matches and they are the perfect foil for James Storm and ODB and their beer bottles and flasks.

2. I don’t understand why Samoa Joe can’t buy a win. Is he in the TNA doghouse? Was it necessary for both Magnus AND Joe to lose both their singles matches to Crimson and Matt Morgan? Now maybe they are headed for tag gold victory, but still… The post match attack could have played out with Joe grabbing a chair behind the ref’s back as Magnus got on the apron. That would put Crimson on the apron with the ref turning his attention to him, then the whole scenario could have played out with Magnus dragging and beating Crimson off the apron, Morgan distracted and Joe chop blocking him and stealing the win. Simple and effective putting doubt in the fans eyes that maybe Redwhite and Blueprint may not be as dominating as they think. It was obvious Crimson wasn’t going to lose to Magnus last week. They should have done the smarter booking here.

3. I love how Tara was elevated back up into #1 contenders status via a big win in three way match vs. Mickie James and Velvet Sky, but c’mon, I seem to remember Gail Kim dominating her months ago(October 27th 2011 Impact to be exact). Now perhaps Tara could reference she wasn’t in the shape she needed to be in singles wise, but some of us actually have long term memory. That’s why a credible contender like Tara should never have been buried like that, I don’t care what the mission was that week to make Gail look good, but they still could have made Tara look better that week. I wrote about it then and that’s why it makes sense now.

4. Was it wise for storylines to allow Eric Bischoff to know who Garett’s trainer is? I’m sure they are thinking as his Dad it might be tough to keep it a secret, but still, seems pretty obvious it’s Hulk Hogan, so all this does is cement that home, in my opinion.

5. I never thought Zema Ion’s hair could look more ridiculous, but indeed I was proven wrong as he ditched the afro in favor of some terrible looking new do this week to add to his Rico like gimmick which to go with his outfit, he makes Austin Aries’ ring entrance garb, the boa or cape look great by comparison.

6. Move of the Night:

Tara’stilt-o-whirl backbreaker of Velvet Sky onto Mickie James.

That was awesome and looked very sick. Nice way to end the match on that high note, too.

7. Line of the Night:

a. Regarding ODB getting caught in the 2nd rope with one leg during her Bronco Buster

Taz – “She got hung up in the second rope, ODB and she’s still able to get her junk in the face of uh… Angelina.”

Taz and Mike Tenay seemed to have fun with that one laughing for a couple minutes after.

8. Match of the Night

Alex Shelley vs. Zema Ion

Match stipulation was if Alex Shelley wins he gets a title shot at Austin Aries at the Against All Odds PPV next month. If you blinked during this match you’d miss something special. Great fast paced match up between the two that definitely makes you wish these guys would have a best of three series of match ups. Shelley got the win, of course, but it was a very nicely contested match.

9.  Final Show Thoughts:

AJ Styles vs. Kazarian was force-made by Christopher Daniels this week when he asked Kaz to plea to Sting for it. Daniels holds some power over Kazarian, possibly money(?) in making him do his dirty work against AJ Styles.  Kudos to Styles for playing up the dissolution of Fortune and how everyone has turned on him or questioned that he would do the same to them(Storm). Frankie is playing his role and body language very well in this feud and it’ll provide a fresh match up for Against All Odds. Lots of brawling between Main Eventers Champion Bobby Roode, Bully Ray, Cowboy James Storm and Jeff Hardy this week. Looked vicious in a lot of parts, but not much in terms of wrestling quality. It looks like it’ll more than likely end up as Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy and Bobby Roode vs. James Storm when the dust clears, unless they do a Fatal Four Way first. They are teasing a Bully Ray vs. Roode match, too, but not sure if that will happen, but they should cross paths in a 4 way. The lack of Austin Aries, he could have been on commentary, always hurts the show. They need to get this guy on the show even if it’s for comments in the back. I assume Kurt Angle is off Olympic training, otherwise he is sorely missed as well. Add another for a trifecta in Brooke Adams, who it was nice 2 weeks ago to see plugged in the Hooters Beauty contest and you have three of my favorites off of Impact Wrestling right now. They could have plugged Kurt and Brooke’s outside endeavors as well as put A-Double on the show. All are too valuable assets to be left off the show in any form.

10. IMPACT PLAYERs of the WEEK: 

Alex Shelley, Zema Ion, Tara, ODB, Eric Young, Winter

Shelley vs. Ion tore it up, Tara with a huge win, ODB/EY shine in a big tag win and a cold Winter has never looked so good.

That is all.

M.C. Brown

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