’s Quick Quips: Impact Wrestling 1.26.12

– Interesting way to start the show and I’m actually ok with a Hardy/Bully Ray feud. This could elevate Ray while keeping Hardy away from the World title. Although I could have done without the Sting stuff.

– Wait, we’re actually starting a wrestling show with a brawl angle and then a match! It’s sad that this feels so fresh.

– Didn’t expect Tara to come out with a win here. Interesting finish though.

– Very happy they didn’t jump right into this segment after the opening brawl. Having a segment or two I between gave the show that always elusive “live” feel.

– Wow that was some stiff brawling. Kudos to Hardy, Ray, Roode and Storm for making us believe and want to believe again.

– “You’re going to turn me to stone, aren’t you?” – Fantastic line. Winter would be a great Medusa.

– All that Zema Ion hairspray would give me a nasty migraine.

– So-so X-Division match.

– That pretty much guarantees Hogan is Garrett’s “trainer”.

– I like Eric Young. But that match was about 7 minutes too long.

– What was that? Joe gets pinned by a random clothesline and is made to look incredibly weak in the process. Why is TNA so afraid to have their babyface champions lose once in awhile to build up credible heel contenders?

– I’m not really sure how I feel about this Styles/Daniels/Kaz story. I just don’t know where they’ll go with any of these guys after it’s over.

– Very unique spot with Bully’s foot going through the table.

– Pretty messy brawl but that’s what they were going for. I expect to see a four way match at the PPV.

– All in all, not a bad show but definitely forgettable.

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