TNA Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 2.9.12 (with One Injury Note)

Taped Saturday 1/28 in London, England, courtesy of

1. Christopher Daniels (w/Kazarian) beat AJ Styles. Daniels used brass knuckles to get the win.

Segment:: Bully Ray comes out, asks for Bobby Roode to join him. Storm and Sting come out and then Sting books a tag match of Ray and Roode vs. Storm and Sting.

2. Alex Shelley beat Austin Aries and Douglas Williams in a three-way.

Segment: Magnus and Joe come out, and Magnus cuts a promo saying this isn’t the United Kingdom, this is ENGLAND. Matt Morgan and Crimson come out and say the talking needs to end and it’s time to fight.

3. Velvet Sky beat Mickie James with a roll up. Mickie sold frustration at end of the match.

Segment:: Hulk Hogan (the trainer) and Garrett Bischoff came out. Eric and Gunner soon followed as did another fight. Garrett punched Eric to finish the segment.

4. Sting and James Storm defeated Bobby Roode and Bully Ray. Sting won the match with a Scorpion Death Lock on Roode. Just before end of match, Bully grabbed the belt and it looked like he was going to hit Sting from behind whilst Roode was held in the submission. Roode looked up to see Bully, who dropped the belt and left. Roode then tapped out.

Injury note: also reported that Sting suffered an apparent heel injury and that he was in a lot of pain following this Impact Wrestling TV taping.

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