CB’s Open Mic: American Idol Recap: Season 11, Episode 6 (Portland, Oregon Auditions)

Welcome to another edition of CB’s Open Mic and another American Idol Recap.

Tonight’s auditions take place in Portland, Oregon for the first time in Idol history, and somewhere Fred Armisen is smiling.

Brittany Zika, 21, The Story — Funny story about The Story is that I used to HATE that song when it first came out, but then it festered in my brain and grew on me to the point where it became one of my favorite pop/folk songs ever. And. well, Brittany Zika — a.k.a. Tripster the Hipster — deserved every one of those unanimous YES votes from the judges. It’s nice to see a FUN girl who can flat out sing to kick off the Portland auditions, too. Brittany Zika’s story continues in Hollywood…

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Sick and Tired: If you weren’t already sick and tired of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way and/or Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass, well, you will be after hearing Ben Purdom sing.

And after all that we get … another commercial? Wow. The next contestant better be worth the wait…

–Jermaine Jones, 24, Superstar–…and Jermaine was worth the wait. I love this guy’s voice, his low tone was a revelation and I like the way he sang in a smooth and soft yet powerfully moving manner. He just might be my favorite male singer of Season 11 to date. Jermaine’s a natural soul singer and an easy yes for both myself and the judges.

Another commericial … Hungry for S’mores? During this commercial break or at least after the show, I encourage you once again to check out the S’mores American Idol Radio Show right here. Our first new episode for Season 11 features our thoughts on the first five audition episodes, a review of Kelly Clarkson’s concert at Radio City Music Hall, audio clips and exclusive commentary you won’t find anywhere else.

Britney Spears double-take … and her name is Britnee … seriously.

–Britnee Kellogg, 27, You’re No Good–Sad story, good singer. Check that: Really sad story, really good singer. I’m rooting for Britnee in Hollywood, that’s for sure. ALL CAPS YES from the judges, especially from J-LO.

The Bombshell Audition BombSorry Sam Gershman, but thank you for that, especially when I was watching you on mute.

–RUSH to judgment–Sorry, David Weed, but that was an immediate ALL CAPS NO the second your first note mercilessly banged on my ear drums. Ouch.

Romeo Diahn, 22, Is This Love?–Wow, what a story from Romeo, who survived a refugee camp and made it to the U.S. I thought the judges were a lot tougher on his vocal performance than they needed to be, but Romeo did get through it OK. One thing I do know is that I will not underestimate Romeo’s toughness and/or willingness to risk it all to win this show. I hope he really carves out a niche for himself doing a smooth reggae style that naturally fits his voice, something that hasn’t been seen on Idol through the first 10+ seasons. Yet another Portland contestant I’ll be rooting for. Romeo reels in a golden ticket.

–Naomi Gilles, 22, Cryin’–Unlike Lauren Alaina’s nerve-filled audition last season, Naomi is as cool as a cucumber as she tackles an Aerosmith classic right in front of Steven Tyler. In fact, there was anything but tears in the room here as Naomi simply nailed it, causing smiles and yeses all around. Naomi rocks it and earns a Round 2 ticket.

–Ben Harrison, 28, Somebody To Love–“I like the high ones,” says Ben as he channels both Freddy Mercury from Queen and Kit Keller from A League of Their Own. And no, not in good ways. A resounding, unequivocal NO.

–Sob Story Alert! I mean it, I’ll cry if you don’t check out our first Season 11 episode of the S’mores American Idol Radio Show! And yes, after the break there will be one more Idol sob story served up before the top of the hour.

Wow, shades of Chris Medina’s story last season, this is truly a heartbreaker as Jessica has become her boyfriend’s caretaker after he suffered a massive stroke.

–Jessica Phillips, 25, Again–Man, what an episode tonight, capped off by Jessica’s heart-wrenching back-story and heart-tugging voice. Thank you Portland, and thank you Jessica Phillips. YES YES YES!

That’s it for this edition of CB’s Open Mic.

See you next time — CB.

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