DC Comics Relaunch: Rob Liefeld’s Creative Partners For Savage Hawkman And Grifter!

It was a few weeks ago that DC announced some creative shake ups for the New 52, which included an increase in work for Rob Liefeld. Hawk and Dove was canned, but he’d be moving over to Deathstroke as the writer and artist, while co-writing Grifter and Savage Hawkman. But when you leave it like that…well, who are his co-writers? I mean, I may be a big proponent of #needsmoreLiefeld, but if he’s co-writing, I want to know who he’s doing it with.

So then DC announced on the Source today just what would be happening, and while it’s not going to be enough to get me reading Hawkman, it is enough to keep me from dropping Grifter.

Grifter will be co-written by Frank Tieri (Gotham Underground, Weapon X, Batman and the Outsiders, Marvel vs. Capcom 3), with Scott Clark sticking around to do the art (apparently CAFU isn’t the artist there anymore?). I’m actually happy to see this, as Frank Tieri is an entertaining writer and an all around nice guy (I met him at C2E2 last year). He deserves the work.

Savage Hawkman, on the other hand, will be picking up co-writer Mark Poulton (Avengelyne) and artist Joe Bennett (who is currently on Deathstroke and being relieved by Liefeld…also, he did Justice League Generation Lost, Teen Titans, Hawkman, and all sorts of awesome things for DC over the years).

Check out the covers for the upcoming series, and feel free to chime in!

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Source: DC's Source Blog