10 Thoughts on TNA IMPACT WRESTLING 02.02.12 – Bobby Roode, James Storm, Austin Aries, Tara, Magnus, Samoa Joe

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Reviewing the 2/2/12 episode of IMPACT WRESTLING…

1. It’s really simple to put two and two together to realize Hulk Hogan was Garett Bischoff’s trainer. So the show long surprise especially when they announced Hulk Hogan was there for no particular reason was easily ruined. I realize they were in a conundrum since they want to promote Hogan’s appearance for ratings, but they kind of painted themselves into a corner with this one.

2. So unceremoniously this is Crimson’s first loss, albeit a tag team loss, but the announcers made no mention of Crimson’s first taste of defeat nor questioned or teased how he’d react to it. Now granted Matt Morgan took the pin to the team of Magnus and Samoa Joe which had a tornado vs tag rules advantage, but unless they starts to turn Crimson, angry over his record being tainted, I’m not sure how TNA will make best use of this one. Another example of while it was cool to pair Matt Morgan and Crimson together as a monster tag team, it also created too easy of an opportunity to hand Crimson a loss here, as they did and have it not mean anything. TNA writers have to learn to not paint themselves into these traps. That being said, I do think Joe and Magnus needed this win and that helps establish their credibility.

3. The crowd was incredible. The arena looked great and made Impact really look extra special. The chants were great even if they were chanting for people TNA may not have wanted them to like for Austin Aries over hometown product(nice Mike Tenay term given to him) Mark Haskins or by throwing Devon chants at Bully Ray which could be acceptable considering he throws insults out at Devon every once in a while. Definitely added a lot of excitement to Impact which really needed this injection of outside energy here.

4. Not the first time this has happened, but TNA decided to give two in ring segments to the Garett Bischoff vs. Eric Bischoff angle/feud. If I was a TNA competitor fighting for TV time, I’d be a little pissed that the writers couldn’t use backstage segments to set up the final pay off of the trainer angle in the ring instead of splitting it into two. It just seems a bit of overkill or like it’s placating a particular ego or two.

5. Taz seemed a little annoyed with Mark Haskins saying England is the place wrestlers learn how to go after his promo package was aired. While Taz said the United States is the proving ground, a Japanese wrestler would have had more bragging rights to say that and might have had a convincing argument.

6. Move of the Night(or rather Missed Move):

Mark Haskin’sShooting Star Press crash and burn onto his face.

Insane and sick looking. To add insult to injury, a very angry Austin Aries made him pay for it by finishing him off with a brain buster and neck submission. Ouch, Haskins. A-Double looked pretty pissed and intense afterwards.

7. Line of the Night:

Bobby Roode – “Ohhhhh it feels so good to be back in the great country of Ireland. {pause as Bully Ray whispers them they are in England) Ireland? England? What the hell’s the difference?”

Delivered perfectly by the champ and the crowd reaction to it was great as expected.

8. Notable Matches of the Night

Non-Title Match 

TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION Bobby Roode vs. Cowboy James Storm

This was a great match, where the chemistry between the two seems to keep getting better. The Bully Ray interference was expected, but they did it in a way that didn’t ruin the match. I thought for sure this might lead to the second match Storm vs. Bully Ray to be turned into a tag with Sting joining forces with Storm against Ray/Roode, but they went ahead with the second match anyways, but it set up future dissension with Roode and Ray as Roode couldn’t return the help due to Sting with his black taped cricket bat.

X-Division Title Match

A-Double Austin Aries vs. Mark Haskins

The crowd helped make this solid match even better, but they seemed to be chanting for Aries more than Haskins. Haskins put up a nice effort and hit some nice moves, but also crashed and burned on his shooting star press which had dire consequences for him as Aries like a shark smelled blood and tore him to shreds.

9.  Final Show Thoughts:

Congrats to Brooke Adams aka Tessmacher as she advanced in the Hooters contest which TNA is giving some TV time to in order to help Brooke. Kudos to them for doing that. As expected, Sting made a Four Way for the belt at Against All Odds featuring Jeff Hardy, who could not be there due to legal reasons, James Storm, Bully Ray and Bobby Roode. Tara upset Gail Kim in a non-title match which had some good action, but still hopefully leads to a much smoother match at the PPV. Madison Rayne’s interference backfired and cost Gail the match which while it did not lead to post match argument, but set up where it could next week if they give the Knockout tag champions more TV time. Speaking of champions Robbie E. was the only one missing from this championship edition of Impact. Maybe that’s telling TNA that perhaps the ship has sailed on his push. Does the TV title even mean much at this point? It’d do more good in the hands of Austin Aries and have some more X-Division guys battling for the X-Division title than it would to continue to have Robbie E. hold it. Also speaking of the TV Title, former champion Eric Young and ODB were missing for the first time in weeks after being a staple of Impact Wrestling for a while now. While it might be a nice break, hopefully they’ll be on next week to see how their act plays off a different UK crowd. Overall solid look and feel to this show. Definitely gave a big league feel to TNA and as I said is a nice injection of energy to the product.

10. IMPACT PLAYERs of the WEEK: 

Bobby Roode, James Storm, Austin Aries, Tara, Magnus and Samoa Joe

Roode and Storm tore it up, Aries was his usual strong self with the youngster and Tara got a big win with the Widow’s Peak. Joe and Magnus also got a huge win.

That is all.

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